Before ‘Death Reckoning,’ Rebecca Ferguson gave us this terrifying Stephen King Villain.

A woman sings at the lake, drops flowers into the water. Her sweet voice echoed as the young girl walked up. Seemingly unconcerned about stranger danger, the woman, Rose the Hat (Rebecca Ferguson), not scary. When Rose grabbed the little girl’s hand, drawing blood, it was too late. “Honey, it’s special with the best taste,” she purrs in this opening scene where the audience meets the new. Stephen King monster. Rose the Hat represents the author’s love for gothic horror and destructive human behavior. The spirit and the father who hates the old horrors The doctor sleeps (2019), sequel of Shining. Director Mike Flanagan Adapt this novel from King for the big screen and Rebecca Ferguson takes on the role of Rose, an actress who knows how to show intense performances. Recently Mission impossible Film, she is Ilsa Faust skilled and deadly. in The doctor sleepsFerguson plays a very dangerous role, who can make Pennywise return to the sewers.

How does Rose’s hat resemble other Stephen King villains?

Rebecca Ferguson as Rose the Hat in Doctor Sleep (2019)
Image via Warner Bros.

Director Tobe Hooper King’s Novel Adapted, Salem’s lot, into a 1979 miniseries about a vampire outbreak taking over a small Maine town. The bloodsucker, Barlow, is as evil as the villain in this silent horror classic. Nosferatu (1922), Barlow’s long fingers and razor-toothed jaws are ready for attack. in The doctor sleeps, Rose the Hat is a “Shine” vampire. In one scene, she walks through a grocery store, checking the grocery list. You wouldn’t think of running the other way when she approached. Unlike the ugly Barlow, Rose is beautiful and dresses in a bohemian style, complete with a signature top hat. She looks like she could sit back and light up together while listening to Fleetwood Mac. From the opening at the lake, it is clear that Rose should not be underestimated.

She seduced children with psychic abilities, “light.” Then they were brutally killed, their pain released a psychological feeling, “steam,” that Rose and her followers, real ropes, ate a flock of eagles to kill the road. Killing brings out the brutal behavior of the real, their eyes make the animal look scary. “Eat well. in youth. Long live,” these words from Rose, and the way Ferguson delivers them, are so alluring, she manages to trick everyone into ignoring what being a part of True Knot entails. She seduces like a vampire from gothic horror, easily manipulating someone into thinking they have a decision when really, they are entering into her own plans. Rose hides a cruel path in plain sight, bringing to mind Stephen King’s paranoid, murderous nurse who lives in an isolated, wintry area of ​​Colorado.

Personality-wise, Rose the Hat might be a good match for Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates). “Hello, there,” Rose whispered, always remembering to greet anyone she met. She may kill them, but she will not lose her character in the lead. For people who hate dirty words, Annie can appreciate that. Rebecca Ferguson’s performance delves into a calm intensity, she doesn’t have to do much to be intimidating, and speaking in a quiet voice is a careful tactic. Because of this, she seems to have fun while playing with her food. in Suffering (1990), there is nothing magical about Bates’ Annie. She is flesh and blood, who will do anything to make her favorite author rewrite the book she hates. In addition to insincere friendship, Annie Wilkes and Rose the Hat can be related to drugs.

Stephen King talks to Rolling Stone Regarding creating personal addiction problems in a cruel way, “Suffering is a book about cocaine. Annie Wilkes Yes Cocaine. She is my number one fan.” Addiction is the majority The doctor sleeps As well as (as well as Shining), where Rose and True Knot are necessary drug addicts, searching for their next fix. They stepped in front of the little girl at the edge of the lake, before running forward and hitting her. Even their own death means rejoicing in their “steam” when released. Nothing is a limit, they desire it. Rose’s most disturbing scene captures the audience in the center of one of her attacks. The True Knot kidnaps little Bradley (Jacob Tremblay), showing children no mercy. Rose was responsible for torturing the boy, to extract as much steam as possible. She cut into the boy, pushed the pain in and screamed. The scene is all very disturbing as Rose and the True Knot members feel euphoric from the “steam” they are consuming. It’s a cold-blooded ritual, that goes on without stopping, the sequence that cuts out like a girl. at the seaside Bradley’s final moments are excruciating, the audience is stuck watching it out. But Rose the Hat is not just a monster.

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In ‘Doctor Sleep,’ Rebecca Ferguson is scared and scared

Rebecca Ferguson as Rose the Hat in Doctor Sleep (2019)
Image via Warner Bros.

Charisma and his own psychic abilities find Rose the Hat’s opposite in Danny Torrance (Ewan McGregor). Unable to cope with what happened at the Overlook Hotel, Danny is now recovering from alcoholism. He finds work in a nursing home, finding purpose for his “light” by helping patients to a peaceful death. Meanwhile, Rose ensures that her victims suffer as she dedicates herself to protecting True Knot, her personal goals, and her family against this villain. Ferguson gets to play into this side of Rose, who is cruel to everyone, but gentle to the ones she loves. The masses are starving, with the ability to “shine” becoming increasingly rare in the world. When Grandpa Flick (Carel Strucken) succumbs to his failing health, Rose is there to comfort him as he aches to death, stealing a lifetime from the innocent. She told him, crying in her throat, “You’ve watched Empires rise and fall, cheered on the gladiators in Rome, sailed across the ocean to the New World while you feasted on Kings and Princes and Popes.” While Danny is an outsider, Rose has established a family for herself to take care of. And when Danny met Abra (Kylie Curran), a young girl unburdened by trauma, he did everything he could to protect her. This puts him directly against Rose, who does everything she can to destroy them.

In the end, Rose the Hat is not redeemed and this gives her a more satisfying death than what happened in the. It’s chapter 2 (2019). Adult losers destroy Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård) through the lack of fear, attack out insulting ridicule. “You lazy dog!” Richie (Bill Hader) sing. Overall, it is anti-climatic. Rose’s vulnerability feels more natural than vulnerability to shapeshifting, cosmic entities that have been reduced to a molten, solid crust. in front of The doctor sleeps, Rose is pushed to her death. In the movie, this death is improved. She could have avoided her actions, but her pride prevented her from this. Rose kept her strength until the end. The doctor sleeps recreates the tense staircase scene from ShiningWith Danny in place of his mother and the vampire headed “Shine” in place of his father.

Rose the Hat’s Fate in ‘Doctor Sleep’ is horrible poetic justice

Rebecca Ferguson as Rose the Hat in Doctor Sleep (2019)
Image via Warner Bros.

Rebecca Ferguson gives her own style to Jack NicholsonThe frenzied action. She was just as sarcastic when she told Danny, “I see oil all over you. You don’t ‘shine’ either. Growing up to destroy that, I think.” Her gesture and the gesture of her hands did not show concern that the ax in Danny’s hand would cause harm to her. Maybe pain, but not a fatal wound. This arrogance led to her death. Danny deceived Rose, and the Overlook ghosts immediately ate Rose’s steam, leaving her to suffer the fate that she forced on her previous victims. Not only would the ghost take away her steam. , but it was quickly gone. Her top hat was left behind on the grand staircase, which Lost along with everything in the fire that Danny set to the hotel. Rose the Hat was a powerful enemy, she didn’t matter too much to the world. She was eaten as quickly as everyone she ate. “Well, I think he has a few minutes left in him,” Rose said. Speaking of little Bradley, the same can be said of her.

Rebecca Ferguson, as Rose the Hat, makes you hungry for her next scenes. The actress has said how much she enjoys playing the villain, telling Bustle, “She’s sexual and wild and loving and caring, and she has all the elements of being human, all the elements of life. And that’s mixed with a beautiful sense of style, let’s call a spade a spade, it’s very liberating, to have all these characteristics in one character.” This is what makes Rose the Hat so elegant and unassuming, so legendary and so immortal. She feeds on fear, a predator that speaks well as she stalks her prey.

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