‘Bears’ Season 2’s Belzato Family Tree Explained: How Is Everyone Related?

One of the best TV slots of 2023 will undoubtedly be the Christmas episode of Season 2 of 2023 Bear, “Fish.” We follow the misadventures of the Belzato family’s tragic Christmas celebrations five years before the events of season two, which means not just those who bear the last name, but everyone who is considered a part of it. People, regardless of ancestry. There are so many people that it’s easy to get lost in the quick scene changes and all the screaming. Some of them we know and others we’ve been introduced to in this season’s biggest lineup, so let’s see who’s in this very dramatic family.

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The heart of the Berzatto family

Bear Season 2 Episode 6 Jeremy Allen White Abby Elliott Jon Bernthal
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These are probably the easiest people to identify. When we talk about “The Belzato family,” we think of four people. first, BearProtagonist Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto (Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto)Jeremy Allen White), a workaholic, depressed and anxious chef, and the youngest of three siblings. Then there is the second sister Natalie “Sugar” Berzatto (Natalie “Sugar” Berzatto) (Abby Elliott), a sensitive but sometimes clueless woman who takes an overly cautious approach to everyone, even her mother. Finally, Michael “Mikey” Berzatto (Joe Bernthal) is the eldest of the siblings, and despite his charming and confident demeanor, has a complex personality, which has led him to a drug problem and several failed business attempts.

All three Belzato brothers had complications, mostly because of their upbringing. They were raised by their mother, Donna Berzatto (jamie lee curtis), she has to do it herself most of the time because the kids’ father (whom we don’t know anything about) isn’t interested in them. She has a lot of self-esteem issues, like her youngest son, she doesn’t feel worthy of the love and affection they show her. This manifests itself in her reluctance to let people get close to her despite their constant attempts to help her. She also has a hard time forgiving people’s mistakes, which is one of the reasons Natalie earned the nickname “sugar” after adding “a cup of sugar instead of a cup of salt” to a previous Christmas dinner as a distraction. , and then the gravy tasted like Hawaiian punch. “

Because of Donna’s mental health issues, the Berzatto siblings grew up relying mostly on each other and their friends, which is why the three of them are so close and the Berzatto family is so close during the holidays crowded. Eventually, Kami had enough of the family problems and decided to move to New York to become a certified cook, while also traveling to Copenhagen to apprentice with Luca (will poulter), returning to Chicago only for Christmas, and later for good when Mickey died and left him “beef”.

“Cousin” Rich Jerimovich and Tiffany

Gillian Jacobs, who plays Tiffany in

To those in the know, this may come as a surprise, but no, Richie Jerimovich (Ebony Moss-Bakrach) are not blood relatives of the Belzato family. Instead, he was Mickey’s best friend growing up, which made him accepted as part of the family, even acknowledging that Donna was like a mother to him. He’s always following Mitch in everything, but Mitch has a talent for cooking, Rich has none, and his temper often keeps him from learning anything. He’s only ever done this when Kami sends him on stage at a restaurant with Chef Terry (Olivia Colman), where he eventually learned some discipline.

This adrift behavior eventually led to the loss of his wife Tiffany (Gillian Jacobs), we met while pregnant with our daughter Eva (anabelle toomey). They divorced, and Tiffany eventually accepted a marriage proposal from her new boyfriend, but still seemed to be in love with Richie to some degree.They also remain in sync because they both like Taylor Swift – Tiffany wears in 1989 When we meet her, she’s wearing a T-shirt, Eva most wants to see her perform in The Eras Tour, and Rich sings “Love Story” in the car after his apprenticeship.

A touching moment that cemented Richie’s maturity was the chocolate banana he gave “Uncle” Jimmy (oliver pratt) in the season finale. It’s a reminiscence of Jimmy telling Tiffany his story on the Christmas show about the banana stand near Belzato’s house, and how the only thing she could eat that day was a banana because she was constantly throwing up because of her pregnancy. It was a thoughtful way of expressing gratitude for all that Jimmy has done for Rich and his family.

Uncle Jimmy “Cicero” Kalinowski

Bear Season 2 Episode 6 Oliver Pratt
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Another blood relative of Belzato was Jimmy “Cicero” Kalinowski. He’s the uncle of the Belzato trio, and Richie considers him an uncle despite not being related by blood, and he does have a particularly close relationship with Donna. To be sure, he used to help Mitch financially, lending him money to keep the beef afloat. He’s level-headed and is usually the one the kids turn to for financial and personal advice (but mostly financial). He loves the Belzato children, and even though Mitch never repays his loan, he trusts Cammy and invests in the bears.

“Uncle” Li Lian

In the scene of

Perhaps the meanest person we meet in season two, Lee Lane (Bob Odenkirk) is not a blood relative of the Belzato family either, but is considered part of the family and is Donna’s on-and-off boyfriend. He’s the kind of guy who likes to condescend to talk to people and steal the limelight when they’re having a good time to gain a sense of superiority. That’s what leads to him getting into a big row with Mitch at the Christmas dinner table, where he repeatedly says he’s “good for nothing” and talks about his substance abuse. To make matters worse, he’s still close to Mickey five years later, as he’s believed to be one of the people who lent Mickey part of the money that Kami found in a tomato can engraved with the words “KBL” at the end of season one. As Cicero explained in the first episode of season two: “Kalinowski, I. Belzato, you, Lane, Lee.”

michel belzato and stevie

Bear Season 2 Episode 6 Sarah Paulson John Mulaney
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real cousin, Michelle (Sarah Paulson) is a restaurateur who moved to New York. She has a relationship with Stevie (John Mulaney), the family thought he was actually gay because of his placating personality. He’s also often the voice of reason in the family, despite the fact that no one takes him seriously (which he’s also amused by). Michele, on the other hand, is sharp-tongued and quick-witted – typical Belzato.

At a critical moment at the Christmas party, Michele approaches Kami and invites him to move to New York to be a chef and “get away from these people”. Her intentions are of course good, and she does hold a special place in Kami’s heart, but their conversation further sends Kami into a workaholic mindset, “setting his sights on the damn prize.”


The Bears Season 2 Episode 6 Ricky Staffieri Bob Odenkirk
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The Falks, another non-blood family, are usually the butt of Belzato’s Christmas chaos. We know two of them, Neil (Matty Matheson) and his brother Theodore (Ricky Staffieri). They’re childish and goofy, but happy and helpful. We know there are plenty of other Faks, especially Francie Fak, two of which Natalie mentions with some disdain.

Of the two, Neil is the recurring character who was once Mickey’s best friend growing up and a good friend of Cammy’s. He was a handyman at The Beef and had a bigger role at The Bear. Neil also regards the Belzato family as his real family, and even formed a Kami (molly gordon) after he gave her a fake phone number because he didn’t feel like he deserved the happiness.


Jon Bernthal, who played Mike in

Oh Pete (Chris Whitasker)…he is Sugar’s husband, a beacon of positivity and courtesy amid Berzatto’s chaos.He can be a little unstoppable and wants to be a little unstoppable That’s fine, but he just wants to be liked by his family, and that’s why they don’t take him seriously. He’s a big part of it, though, and his scene with Donna at the end of the season is one of the most emotional of the entire season. He knew the Belzato family were good people and understood their tragedy, and that moment definitely earned him our respect.

Claire “Bear”

Molly Gordon and Jeremy Allen White in 'The Bears'
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She may be more informal than Rich and Faks, but Claire is also part of the extended family. She was Cammy’s childhood friend who became his girlfriend after decades of estrangement. However, five years ago, Mickey and Richie mentioned to Cammy that they saw her again and tried to set the two of them up, but Cammy refused because he thought it was a prank. It is impossible to know the status of their relationship, but the Belzato extended family loves her and supports their being together. As Neil said, she’s the best, and Kami is the best. Hope season 2 ends like this.

all episodes Bear The second season is now on Hulu.

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