‘Barbie’ and 9 other PG or PG-13 movies banned in some countries

The world is an unpredictable place, full of different countries with different populations, with the place being ruled by different organizations with different values. There are many differences naturally, and this leads to the world of cinema, with some films being received in many different formats from different countries, to the point where topics that are considered acceptable in some places are banned. in others.

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Barbie Recently it has been shown that this can happen with movies that are not more than PG or PG-13 by US standards, and it is one example that shows the complexity that surrounds film censorship in different countries of the world. Greta Gerwig’s The latest film is far from the only unexpected forbidden film, as the following example shows.

10 ‘Barbie’ (2023) – Banned in Vietnam

Image via Warner Bros.

Barbie A movie that is obviously based on the icon doll of the same name, and is a funny fantasy movie about said doll (and Ken) discovering their place in the world, and struggling with their strange existence. It’s not without a few cheesy and funny references, but nothing to make it an adult-only rating in the country/territory…right?

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That’s mostly true, it has a PG-13 rating in the US, and a PG rating in Australia, for two examples. But in Vietnam, Barbie’s was immediately banned, due to the image depicting the nine dashed lines on the map, which are The symbol that China uses to show that its country has land that Vietnam considers as its own. of. The conflict (and prohibition) may seem childish, but Barbie dolls are toys for children, perhaps it is oddly poetic.

9 ‘The Prince of Egypt’ (1998) – Banned in Egypt

Moses in the king of Egypt
Image via DreamWorks

There is a story that cannot be missed that Egypt was the country that banned the production of animated films in 1998. Prince of Egypt. It is one of the most popular films that DreamWorks Animation has ever released, and is a family-friendly retelling of the Book of Exodus, especially the parts related to the story of Moses.

It can be dark and violent in places, but the reason for its ban in Egypt is not related to the composition of the film, rather it is banned for the way it is presented. Pharaoh Rameses is a bad person. It was contested in Egypt whether the show was reasonable, and there was enough support for him as a famous historical leader for his film performances to lead to a ban.

8 ‘The promise of Dr. Mabuse’ (1933) – Temporarily banned in Germany

The Bible of Dr. Mabuse - 1933

The Bible of Dr. Mabuse One of the most amazing films, and one of many amazing films directed by the famous German filmmaker. Fritz Lang. It was also released during a difficult time in Germany’s history, with the Nazi Party taking control of the country beginning in 1933, and ending in 1945, at the end of World War II.

For these 12 years, The Bible of Dr. Mabuse has been banned, and not because of violence or other questionable content of the sort (most violent content has little impact or happens off-screen). Its story and themes were interpreted as anti-Nazi, and they later banned the film while they were in power, with Lang himself fleeing the country in 1933 and continuing his work in America.

7 ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ (2021) – Banned in China

Spider-Man: No Way Home Tobey Maguire Tom Holland Andrew Garfield
Image via Sony

The MCU is generally seen as at least teen-friendly, and borderline family-friendly when it comes to some of its shows (mainly the younger ones). Foul language and sexual content are often kept mild to non-existent, and although there is violence and fighting in many MCU films, it is rarely violent or graphic.

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This goes for the third of of Tom HollandSpider man The film, too, part of its success at the box office may be due to its accessibility and universality. But in China, There is no way home was banned, as the country objected to the prominent Statue of Liberty. Fixing it off the top would prove impossible, and therefore, no changes were made, and the film was not released there.

6 ‘Lightyear’ (2022) – Banned in various countries

Alisha Hawthorne with his wife and son in Lightyear
Image via Disney

Pixar movies tend to be released with a G or PG rating, at least in the US and other Western countries. Light of the year Following this trend, there is a sort of spin-off, sort of prequel to Toy Story Unsurprisingly earned a PG rating in the US for “Action/Peril.”

The film featured a brief (though widely publicized) kiss between the two female characters at one point, which has now led to the film being banned in many countries across Asia and the Middle East. There is opposition to kissing being edited in some countries, and so it is not, which makes countries refuse to classify the film with a rating.

5 ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ (2022) – Banned in Malaysia

Image via Disney

to give Thor: Love and thunder It’s a movie world that feels uninspired enough to write with AI, and commits many moviemaking sins (including wasting money. Guardians of the Galaxy), perhaps Malaysian viewers are lucky that they were left to sit through it by their country’s censors.

That being said, the ban was not done to protect viewers from uninspired superhero movies, and it reportedly contains LGBT references. The ban was partially lifted when the film became available on streaming services later in 2022, as the government does not regulate streaming services outside of Malaysia, but the ban remained in place for the duration of its theatrical run.

4 ‘Wonder Woman’ (2017) – Banned in Lebanon

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman runs with her shield.
Image via Warner Bros.

A wonderful woman Arguably the best entry in the DCEU to date, it becomes an interesting origin story for its famous character. It follows the Amazonian warrior, Diana, as she ventures out into her island world for the first time, and ends up fighting in World War I, gradually growing into the hero she portrays in the DC films that follow. A wonderful woman respectively.

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There is no content here that is worse than the average DCEU or MCU movie, with the ban in Lebanon rather than the result of a movie starring Gal Gadot. Gadot used to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces, and given the ongoing (and decades-long) conflict between Lebanon and Israel, Lebanon decided to ban the film, because Gadot starred in it.

3 ‘The Great Dictator’ (1940) – Temporarily banned in Germany and Spain

Charlie Chaplin dressed as Adolf Hitler raised his arms and stood on stage in The Great Dictator

Charlie Chaplin Best known for his comedies, but in 1940, he made one of the all-time great war movies (which was sometimes funny) called Great power. It is a satirical film that shows Chaplin playing a stand-up preacher. Clearly for. Adolf HitlerRecognizable as the removal of the leader of Germany at the time, although the country was called Tomainia, and Chaplin himself spoke a made-up language while playing the character.

Throughout the Second World War, the film was banned in Germany and the countries it occupied, although the ban was lifted after the war itself ended. Interestingly, the film remained restricted in Spain for a long time, because it was banned by the Spanish regime during the life of the dictator. Francisco FrancoThe ban was lifted in 1976, after Franco died in 1975.

2 ‘Island of Lost Souls’ (1932) – Temporarily banned in the UK and other countries


tell the truth, The island of lost souls Considered a light PG or PG-13 movie by today’s standards, movies from the 1930s don’t tend to be as shocking as they used to be. At the time of its release, its content was seen as more intense, as it proved to be a very controversial horror film that was banned in various territories, including the UK.

It is a film about a mad scientist who has carried out shocking experiments on an island that is mostly desert, and has proven to be disturbing enough to be banned for some years in countries such as Sweden, Norway, and England. It’s funny how times change…

1 ‘Next’ (2020) – Banned in various countries

The two eleven brothers stood on the dirt road holding a magic staff with a van behind them.
Image via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Next have a similar fate Light of the year When it was released in some countries, with brief LGBT content was cited as the reason for the censorship. The film focuses on the bond between two brothers as they seek to temporarily bring their father back to life, with a female character being part of the film which some countries objected to.

Not that kiss in Light of the year is clear by any means, but in Next, the reference is subtle, and just that: the reference, more than what is visible. The content is also enough to get the family-friendly Pixar movie banned in countries including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait.

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