Bailey and Conrad Rekindle Romance in New ‘Summer My Summer’ Season 2 Clip

Less than two weeks until Prime Video goes live the summer when i became beautiful returns for a second season. The YA series is adapted from Jenny HanA series of books about protagonist Belly as she navigates the highs and lows of romance as she basks in the summer. Prime Video has released a new clip teasing one of the central relationships ahead of the July 14 season two premiere.

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The clip is centered on the abdomen (Dong Lihua) and Conrad (Christopher Briney) when they walk together. As they walked and talked, Conrad wondered who Bailey wanted to be with, asking if she wanted to “be with him.” He does not specify the “he” in question, although he is likely referring to his brother Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno), Belly also has romantic feelings for him. Regardless, Bailey assured Conrad that she wanted to be with him, even pointing out that her crush on him was no secret. Both were flirtatious in their conversation, but didn’t downplay the subject. Conrad eventually admitted that Bailey “was” him, but Bailey didn’t want to hurt Jeremiah either.

Bailey and Conrad have a complicated history

While the clip suggests that life is going relatively smoothly for Conrad and Bailey, the pair’s road to development has not been smooth. As viewers already know, Bailey has had a crush on Fisher’s older brother since childhood. However, Conrad is always out of reach, whether it’s because another girl has his attention, or he’s just emotionally closed off (which he tends to be). When Belle begins to develop feelings for Jeremiah, her feelings become more confused, though she still thinks of Conrad first. Heading into season two, Bailey and Conrad finally expressed their affection for each other, but they still faced many obstacles.

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the summer when i became beautiful The second season brought Bailey, Conrad and Jeremiah back to Cousins’ side, only this time, the situation was more urgent. Following Suzanne (Rachel Blanchard) death, Bailey and the boys drifted apart, and Summer was never the same. When Jeremiah told Belle that Conrad was missing, she jumped into action and was ready to help Jeremiah find him. However, when the two return to the beach house, they learn that the house – their greatest mutual attachment to Suzanne – is for sale. So Bailey, the brothers and the rest of Cousins ​​banded together to protect the house. Meanwhile, Belle must decide what — and who — she wants most.

the summer when i became beautiful The first three episodes of the second season will premiere on July 14. New episodes will be released every Friday on Prime Video. Watch the new clip below:

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