Bailee Madison on Pushing the Boundaries with ‘Play Dead’

Bailey Madison is in the business of making people queasy, and she hopes to keep it that way. While she may have launched her career with Gábor Csupó2007 fantasy feature, Bridge to Terabithia, today she is chasing her dream of becoming a singing queen. Now appeared in popular series, Beautiful bride and groom: Sin OriginalMadison sat down with Collider’s Areso Amin Come back in December 2022 to talk about her casting in Hulu’s third and final season Hardy boy. While there, she reflected on her time in Patrick Lussierof (My bloody Valentine) horror-thriller play deadThe film she previously revealed to Collider’s Perry Nemiroff made her sister sick so the family had to close it.

Divide the topic into a “cat and mouse game” between her character and his Jerry O’Connell‘s, Madison referred to the overall theme as “dark and chaotic” and “an emotional piece” rather than flat horror. Returning to the comments she made earlier about not being able to watch her movies, Madison said,

“I didn’t think she was going to watch it. We had to turn it off. I was like watching it with the family, and she just kept talking, and she was like, ‘I can’t watch it,’ and I was like, ‘OK, we’re going to turn it off and try again tomorrow.'”

Jerry O'Connell and Bailee Madison in Play Dead
Image via Tubi

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But, by the sounds of it, that one day never happened, but Madison understood why. Describing the title as “very intimate,” she explained that the entire film takes place in an archive and revolves around “what happens when you get into a situation that you think is bad, and then you realize that maybe nothing will come out of it.” Talking about her love for the horror genre, Madison says she knows play dead will be an excellent project for her especially when it is passed from Johannes RobertsDirector of Strangers: Prey of the nightIn which she previously starred.

What’s next for Madison?

After the release in late 2022 of play deadMadison’s schedule is packed with her work as Imogen Adams for the upcoming second season of Beautiful bride and groom: Sin Original And the last season of Hardy boy. Adding her name to the call sheet includes returning faces such as: Rohan Campbell And Alexander ElliottMadison will be a regular character in the third season which premieres on July 26.

Check out the trailer for Hardy boy Season 3 below.

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