‘Animal Kingdom’ review: Thomas Kelly’s touching sci-fi story turns humans into animals Koviv 2023

Human predation around the world has set us on such a path of inevitable planetary destruction that we worry about when and how nature will strike back.directed by thomas kellywho wrote the script Pauline Munir, animal kingdom (Reine animals) explores these anxieties by imagining humans slowly turning into animals in the near future. It’s a gripping concept, heightened by great practical effects and emotional performances.

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animal kingdom The story takes place in the not-too-distant future, where a mysterious disease causes strange mutations in the human body. Without any prior warning, the infected begin to transform into animals and become feral. Everyone turns into a different animal, and with no clear indication of the cause of the mutation, there’s widespread fear that your loved one might turn into a beast. Additionally, with the number of cases growing exponentially, government officials are scrambling to come up with solutions to contain the disease and care for those infected. In France, for example, huge concrete walls were built to house the creatures while doctors searched for a cure.

While the core is a complex sci-fi concept animal kingdom, the film rightly chooses to prioritize characters over worldbuilding. That’s why the film doesn’t spend much time explaining the rules of mutation, instead immersing us in the complex family drama that underpins the sci-fi story.Although the cast of characters in the play is very good animal kingdomwe mainly focus on François (Romain Duris) and Emir (Paul Kocher), the father and son left home due to illness. François’ wife became a living creature, and once she was moved to a compound in the south of France, the family moved to be closer to her in the hope of an eventual healing and reunion. Unfortunately, an accident releases dozens of creatures into the wild, including François’ wife, and chaos soon invades their lives. To complicate matters further, Emil also begins to change, a fact he goes to great lengths to hide from others.

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“Animal Kingdom” is slow

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Since people and their relationships are central animal kingdom, Kelly can keep the stakes high for the entire movie. Because of this, the film can play with sci-fi ideas as well as explore related themes such as generational conflict between father and son.In addition, leading to disease animal kingdomThe plot also allows the film to discuss environmental ideas such as speciesism and climate change, while also exploring themes such as prejudice and social panic.

It’s always great if a movie presents interesting ideas well enough to keep the audience engaged in the discussion long after the end credits play.However, if animal kingdom What works so well is due to its impressive performance. Kircher is undeniably king of the jungle, perfectly embodying the nuances of a teenager dealing with strange changes in his body while feeling an urgent need to take a stand in a world that seems to prefer violence to cohabitation.Emir’s journey reflects challenges facing the world animal kingdom, because one can no longer ignore the presence of ubiquitous creatures. For the boy, however, the journey is much more personal, exacerbated by the fact that Emil is a kid trying to adjust to a new school, where he also discovers the pain of love.It was a demanding role, but one that Kircher pulled off as successfully as few actors did, and remained animal kingdom The story keeps going even when pacing issues might cause it to sink.

although animal kingdom Telling a gripping story about acceptance and respect for the natural world, the film sometimes sinks under the weight of its ambitions as it tries to do too much with the limited length of a film.since animal kingdom The film is at times jarring in tone as the script stretches in every possible direction. For example, stories are often presented as family-friendly fantasy adventures, the music is uplifting, and the goal is to end the story with a positive message. despite this, animal kingdom Also trying to incorporate body horror due to mutations, there are a couple of stomach-churning scenes that are brilliant in their own right but don’t fit in with the overall feel.

‘Animal Kingdom’ ending got in its way

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bloated script animal kingdom Some glaring problems also arise in crafting a satisfying ending.No wonder there are four different ending moments in a row, allowing the last segment animal kingdom get bored. Despite everything on screen asking us to get ready to say goodbye, the movie goes on.So while the world animal kingdom Fascinating, Kelly and Meunier’s script could have shortened its runtime and simplified the third act so that all the loose threads fit together more elegantly.It’s easy to see where the confusion comes from, because animal kingdom Too many subplots to juggle at the same time. Still, if the movie had had a cleaner ending, it could have had a more lasting impact.although animal kingdom While far from perfect, it still delivers a delightful story that’s both moving and exciting.

score: Second

animal kingdom Part of Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2023.

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