All the ‘The Karate Kid’ Movies, Ranked From Worst to Best

After six seasons in what may be one of the most successful franchise revivals in a while, cobra kai The upcoming season is coming to an end. During these seasons, cobra kai Explores the history of the film series through Daniel LaRusso’s rivalry (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), and many other characters from Karate Kid series.but with cobra kai Coming to an end, many films in the series will be coming to Netflix before the end of the series, let’s take a look at all five films Karate Kid Movies, ranked from worst to best.

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5. The Next Karate Kid (1994)

Hilary Swank as Julie Pierce in 'The Next Karate Kid'
Image via Columbia Pictures

The first and only attempt to give the team a new look Karate Kid A movie or TV show has a female lead.this is the place next karate kidMerits stop. The plot revolves around Mr. Miyagi (Morita Pat) who tried to teach Julie Pierce the secrets of karate (Hillary Swank), the rebellious granddaughter of a late military friend. The result is a film with confused themes, unnatural dialogue, and far more racism and sexism than the previous three films.

director Christopher Kane and writer mark lee Attempts to draw an analogy between Mr. Miyagi’s role in the fight against fascism in World War II officially recognized in the film’s first scene, and the rise of a proto-fascist group at Jolie’s high school, the The subtly absolutist version is marked by the Yin Yang symbol. However, the safety team led by Colonel Duggan is the kind of organization that can only achieve this level of power in a world where juvenile law operates, where parents, adults in general, and government agencies outside of campuses are all constrained . Scarce or non-existent.but next karate kid Takes itself too seriously to delve into the absurdity required to make a villain work, and the audience wonders why the school administration didn’t chime in.

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next karate kid It also makes Mr. Miyagi a more typical Asian wise man than he is now. His English sounds even more broken, and instead of a natural connection to Julie through a series of serendipitous events, he simply intrudes into Mary Poppins’ life because her grandmother needs a break. He only decided to teach her karate after he realized that her father had given her several karate lessons before his death. To make matters worse, when the training finally begins, Mr. Miyagi discovers that the method he used on Daniel (Ralph Macchio) will not work on Julie, after all she is a girl. So instead of waxing cars, Jolie takes care of three excruciating young boys and learns a very special waltz routine.

4. The Karate Kid Part 3 (1989)

The Karate Kid Part 3
Image via Columbia Pictures

If there are lessons worth learning The Karate Kid Part Three This is because millionaires have so much free time on their hands.In saying farewell to the franchise, the director John G Everson and writer Robert Mark Kamen Bring back Cobra Kai and teacher John Kreese to take part in a bewildering revenge plot led by Terry Silver, Kreese’s wealthy army man from Vietnam. friend. After learning of his friend’s loss at the All Valley Championships and the subsequent disbandment of his dojo, Terry temporarily stops dumping toxic waste into third world countries and devotes himself to getting revenge on Daniel LaRusso. His plan was to hire karate champion Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan) beat LaRusso in the next game. But, first, he’ll convince Mr. Miyagi’s students to study under him so he can… teach him new fighting moves?

The Miyagi/Cobra Kai split is always a bit silly when explained from a purely technical point of view. After all, not only karate, but martial arts in general, are as much about form and balance as actual combat. Therefore, a dojo that only teaches punching and parrying is just as doomed to failure as a dojo that only teaches punches and kicks.exist The Karate Kid Part ThreeTerry taught Daniel to sweep his legs and scolded him for believing in size enough to win a championship. None of these things are wrong in themselves, and until the last moment, Terry did not act like he was just an ordinary teacher.Still, the movie tells us that from the first time Daniel comes home with a bruised foot, he’s been wrong – not because he’s instructing his students to abuse his knowledge of karate, but simply because he’s teaching evil Cobra Kai Karate.

The Karate Kid Part Three The narrative arcs of Daniel and Mr. Miyagi also lack originality. LaRusso seems to have forgotten all the events of the previous films, making him look bored by having him relearn what karate really is and find his inner strength a second time. Meanwhile, Mr. Miyagi is once again reluctant to impart his technique, but realizes it’s the only way to stop an opponent who knows nothing but violence. It’s a repetitive plot, saved only by the absurd level of cartooniness of Terry and Chris’ revenge plan.

3. The Karate Kid Part 2 (1986)

The Karate Kid Part II - 1986
Image via Columbia Pictures

have a lot to dislike The Karate Kid Part II, but there’s also a lot to love. The second film in the series is not about Daniel LaRusso, but about Mr. Miyagi. After hearing the news of his father’s imminent death, Mr. Miyagi returns to his village in Okinawa, where he fled before the war, leaving behind the woman he loved and a best friend turned rival. It’s a moving story of the futility of resentment, the inability to escape one’s past, and industrialization at its harshest.

When Mr. Miyagi rekindles his relationship with Yukie (Nob McCarthy) and tried to convince Sato (Danny Camecona) to take away his grudge, we see a fishing community ruined by industrial fishing and an unscrupulous businessman. Despite this, the men and women of Tomi Village resisted. There’s even some criticism of the American occupation of Japan, with deafening helicopters interrupting the villagers now and then, and Mr. Miyagi reminding Daniel that American soldiers weren’t the only ones who lost their lives in Okinawa.It may seem like nothing now, but a year from now First Blood: First Blood Part II Turning a traumatized soldier into a killing machine willing to return to Vietnam as long as he wins this time, addressing the true cost of war and the humanity of the enemy is no small feat.

But while Mr. Miyagi’s story is full of emotion and gravitas, Daniel’s story leaves a lot to be desired. While Joseon is a compelling villain capable of bringing Daniel’s high school fears into the adult world, the final battle between the two feels completely pointless. The whole conspiracy could have been resolved after the storm. Likewise, Daniel’s relationship with Kumiko (Tomita Tallinn) doesn’t really work. Macchio and Tomita do have some chemistry, and their characters have some sweet scenes, but everything feels small compared to Mr. Miyagi’s personal drama and Tomita’s fate.Of course, Daniel LaRusso have Appeared in the movie.After all, this is a Karate Kid movie and him yes Karate Kid. But it wouldn’t hurt to cut half of his plot.

2. The Karate Kid (2010)

The Karate Kid Reboot Jackie Chan Jaden Smith

when for more information Karate Kid When the remake began to hit theaters, many fans were outraged to discover that the film wasn’t centered on the art of karate at all, but on an entirely different martial art.Author Christopher Murphy And by Harald Zawatyear 2010 Karate Kid The protagonist learns how to protect himself and find his inner strength through the millennium Chinese kung fu.Except for lines that are quickly eliminated Taraji P. HensonThe character doesn’t mention any karate. So it’s understandable why so many people were annoyed by the studio’s decision to keep the title, Karate Kid. This choice certainly had a lot to do with keeping the film associated with an already well-known brand, but it ended up doing more harm than good and bringing a lot of negative attention to the film. However, despite the difficulties, Karate Kid It’s actually a pretty good remake that stays true to the spirit of the original film without being a blatant rip-off, and is fun to watch.

Jaden Smith Play young Dre Parker, a 12-year-old as his mother gets a new job and finds an unexpected friend and host in the apartment complex’s janitor, Mr. Han , he moved to China.jackie chan). Smith is very charming as Dre, and Chen is, as always, pleasing to the eye. The fight scenes are well choreographed and riveting, and the romantic subplot between Del Rey and Mi-young (Han Wenwen) has many cute and heart-warming moments, such as the kiss scene in the shadow play. year 2010 Karate Kid By any measure, it’s not as memorable and contemporary as the 1984 original, but, in a world of failed remakes, it’s a sure surprise.

1. The Karate Kid (1984)

Ralph Macchio, Elizabeth Shue and Pat Morita in The Karate Kid

won an oscar less than ten years ago lodgeJohn G. Avildsen returns to sports movies with funny, sweet and exciting images about a boy who learns to stand up for himself and finds new friends in the most unexpected places.Unlike the sequel’s confusing revenge plans and fascist high school students, and even the gang wars that directly fuel the plot cobra kai, Karate Kid There’s a very real story: Daniel LaRusso moved to Los Angeles with his mom and was bullied by a group of teenagers who were training karate at the local gym. He is helped by the apartment building janitor, a Japanese man who teaches him karate, and who becomes the father figure in the boy’s life. The dark side/light side dichotomy that would haunt the series later on is absent in the film. The ultimate evil that Daniel and Mr. Miyagi need to defeat is not a particularly evil brand of karate, but a martial arts teacher who abuses his knowledge and power to control his students.

Although some Karate Kid While it doesn’t age well, with Mr. Miyagi’s typically broken English and aura of mystery, a lot of it holds up well. Just two years after the murder of Vincent Chin, anti-Asian and especially anti-Japanese racism is on the rise in the United States. Karate Kid There was a Japanese as one of its leaders and a forgotten war hero. Through Mr. Miyagi’s backstory, the film also tells the history of the concentration camps and the trauma they left in the Japanese-American community.throughout the process Karate KidNot only did LaRusso learn how to fight, but he also learned to respect cultures and communities he might otherwise know nothing about. All of this is condensed into one thrilling movie that ends with one of the most satisfying hits in movie history.

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