All the new movies coming this week: ‘Asteroid City,’ ‘Transformers: Rise of the Beasts,’ and more

It’s one of the American director’s best films to date, an action blockbuster of giant robot battles, an animated gem with a familiar cat face, and more awaiting our take on everything streaming this week. Weekly summary.

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asteroid city

release date: VOD Tuesday, July 11

not onlyasteroid city one wes andersonThe best film so far, it gives us a glimpse into the director’s vision of his own films in a beautiful and bittersweet way. A TV show built on layers of abstraction about the theatrical making of the film we’re watching is the director’s most reflective work to date. It’s an exhilarating experience, full of love for his craft, and one that will have you lying down when you least expect it. There’s nothing like it this year, and that alone makes it worth looking for. While it’s a bit odd that it’s showing up on VOD so soon after its box office success, any chance to watch it again or for the first time is worth grabbing.

a white little lie

release date: Hulu Friday, July 14

michael shannon and kate hudson Together in the same movie?OK a white little lie, you sure know how to interest us. This drama tells the story of a man with the famous author’s namesake who falls for deceit by assuming his identity, and the aftermath of the deception.While a story set at a writers’ meeting doesn’t sound like one of the most thrilling genres you’ll find, we’re willing to give the film a shot at the cast, which also includes don johnson, Romy Byrneand davon joy randolph.

Barcelona Bird Box

release date: Airs Friday, July 14 on Netflix

remember bird box? This movie spawned millions of memes a few years ago, but it’s also pretty bad?Well, the streamer is trying again Barcelona Bird Box Take the same premise to a new place. As an expansion of the basic setting, it now sees a new cast of characters walking the streets of Barcelona, ​​where death is seen. Will this new riff be as successful as the first? perhaps. Will it be as good? Honestly, who knows. Whether you open your eyes or not, this is a movie in progress.

Chile ’76

release date: VOD Tuesday, July 11

One of the smaller films on this list that is still worth watching, Chile ’76 Set during the birth of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, the story follows Carmen’s journey (Erin Kuppenheim) as she headed to her summer home, she was overseeing its renovations. There, her otherwise sheltered upper-middle-class existence is challenged when a local priest asks her to tend to an injured young man who has been secretly hiding him.

gray matter

release date: Thursday, July 13, MAX

next is gray matterA sci-fi thriller about a young girl and her mother who has special powers. Specifically, Aurora (mia isaac) can manipulate the world around her in ways that others want to control. As they try to navigate their complicated and precarious lives, darker secrets begin to surface.


release date: Friday, July 14 VOD

If there’s one thing you should take off this list, it’s Sam Pollard One of the best documentary filmmakers working today. His latest work, alliance, This book is for anyone who wants to learn about history, race, and sports as it explores the development of baseball in the so-called Negro League. Paying homage to some of the talented players who were originally fired by Major League Baseball even as they helped reshape the game into what we know it today is a dynamic portrait that cannot be ignored.

puss in boots: the last wish

release date: Thursday, July 13, Netflix

we still can’t believe it puss in boots: the last wishAs good as it gets, there’s nothing quite like it in this series. Lovely animation, rich adventure story, while also facing death, it really will quietly draw you in over time. While the details aren’t revealed to those who haven’t had the chance to witness it for themselves, it also has a terrifying villain that’s worth seeing alone. Seriously, set aside any and all expectations because this is really solid.


release date: Friday, July 14, Shudder

No streaming roundup would be complete without including at least one horror movie, and this week it’s Thriller Original quicksand. We’ll give you three guesses as to what it’s about. That’s right, it’s about a pair of hikers who get stuck in quicksand after nearly getting mugged in the Colombian rainforest. They’ll have to deal with dangerous predicaments, snakes, and the frustration that they’ll soon be swallowed whole with no one around to save them (get it?).

Transformers: Rise of Beasts

release date: VOD Tuesday, July 11

Another version that feels like it was just released, Transformers: Rise of BeastsIt’s a film that moves forward, while making quite a bit of progress. The most positive aspect is the introduction of well-written humans, which will always be more important than the’s not as good as previous enjoyable entries bumblebeebut it still might resonate with those looking for more great fights that hint at more to come.


release date: Hulu Friday, July 14

A sci-fi story about what happens after the end of the world, dusk Transports you to a visually vibrant world where father and daughter must work together to overcome odds. While it’s less tech-heavy, it doesn’t skimp on creating a unique vibe.

you will not be alone

release date: Peacock, Sunday, July 16

A film that subverts the typical witch horror movie tropes, you will not be alone was one of the real surprises of last year’s Sundance Film Festival, and deserves more attention for its unique vision. It’s evocative and haunting, finding a lasting sense of connection to its folk horror roots. The poignant and patient way it achieves this all goes back to reimagining what we think when we think of witches. It leaves a lasting impression, ensuring you’ll never think about its subject the same way again.

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