All Disney+ MCU shows, ranked by rewatchability

Kevin Feige Recently there were headlines saying that the MCU would make Disney+ shows less likely to be “further apart.” In recent years, Disney+ has been the home of small stories that shine a light on overlooked characters who never got the attention of a movie.

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However, even with fewer shows from now on, fans have tons of them on Disney+ ready to rewatch. And while they are all good, with some reaching “great” status, some are more rewatchable than others, either because of scope, humor, visual effects, or a combination of all these factors.

Updated on July 14, 2023, by David Caballero:

The MCU continues its efforts on television with increasingly mixed results. A secret invasion Failed to attract much discussion, but things look good for future projects, including season 2 Logic And miracles to come Agatha: Coven of Chaos. And while not all of its streaming efforts have been popular, some remain incredibly rewatchable months and even years after their original release.

9 ‘The Moon’ (2022)

Moon Knight stands in front of a cloudy sky with a crescent moon.

Oscar Isaac Star is a famous character in 2022 Moon Knight. The show follows Marc Spector, a man with dissociative identity disorder manifested in three personalities. Spector is also the host for Khonshu, the ancient Egyptian moon god whose struggle reaches the 21st century when the religion tries to free the goddess of death imprisoned to judge humanity.

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Moon Knight There are great action sequences and impressive and determined performances from the ever reliable Isaac. However, the show is surprisingly forgettable, the kind of effort with little rewatch value. Fans who have seen it once will know everything they need to know about the character, without looking forward to rewatching it.

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8 ‘if…?’ (2021 – )

Captain Carter with the Howling Commandos behind her in 'What If ...?'

The MCU’s first animated effort left a lot to be desired. if…? Presents an alternate reality where one major change leads to a different future for iconic characters like Captain America, T’Challa, and Doctor Strange. It features impressive voice acting from the returning MCU cast and a dynamic animation style that goes a long way in enhancing the show’s uniqueness.

however, if…? Lack of living up to its potential. It feels very weak, which is surprising considering animation is a medium that allows full exploration of the fictional series. alas, if…? is returning for a second season this year, which means fans may want to rewatch it before the new episodes arrive.

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7 ‘Secret Invasion’ (2023)

The poster for Secret Invasion features Nick Fury and other characters from the show.
Image via Disney+

After years of playing major supporting roles in the MCU, Samuel L. Jackson Step into the highlights of 2023 A secret invasion. The show adapts the now-iconic storyline, which sees the Skrulls take the place of key members of the international community in an all-out invasion attempt. Jackson stars with the entire cast, incl Ben Mendelsohn, Don CheadleAnd Cobie Smulders rerising their roles from previous MCU projects, and newcomers Kingsley Ben-Adir, Olivia ColmanAnd Emilia Clarke.

A secret invasion is one of the MCU shows that would benefit from a binge-watch instead of an episode release. This series is a (very) slow burn and features a negative character instead of an older Nick Fury character. However, it has many interesting ideas that would work better as a continuous viewing experience. A secret invasion Not the best MCU show: It’s flawed, uninteresting, and doesn’t know what story to tell. However, there are many moments of extreme genius – the tension between Fury and his wife Priscilla in the fourth episode ranks among the best scenes in the franchise.

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6 ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ ​​(2021)

Falcon and Bucky Barnes are watching each other in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.
Image via Disney+

Supporting characters for many years Falcon and Bucky Barnes finally have a chance to shine The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The show follows them as they team up to take down a terrorist group while dealing with the emergence of a new Captain America who is less than worthy of holding the shield.

Anthony Mackie And Sebastian Stan At the top of their game, bringing together the chaos that makes them movie stars. However, the show doesn’t know what it wants to be, with an unknown villain and an anti-climactic ending that is a huge blow to Sam’s debut as Captain America. However, the show serves as a direct prelude to the upcoming Captain America: New World OrderWhich means fans will have to visit it sooner or later, even if there is no obligation more than a real desire to see it.

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5 ‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ (2022)

She-Hulk looks at things off-camera in She-Hulk: The Lawyer.
Image via Disney+

She-Hulk is a complex character to bring to life. Unlike her male counterpart, She-Hulk is very naive, often breaks the fourth wall and comes across as easily charming in contrast to the aggressive green monsters that derive from her powers. However, the MCU tried to bring her to their ongoing franchise, and they mostly succeeded.

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She-Hulk: Lawyer is an amazing meta, a refreshing and much-needed change for a franchise that often feels stuck in its own devices. Tatiana Maslany Make a delightful protagonist, more rom-com leading lady than a hero; However, the choice fits the tone of the show, introducing a new type of superhero that still works within the confines of the MCU. Of course, the visual effects are terrible, and some choices of the show did not land, but the good can overcome the bad.

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4 ‘Hawkeye’ (2021)

Kate Bishop and Clint Barton head to bow and arrow in Hawkeye.

Who would have thought Hockey Will it end up being so rewatchable, especially around the holidays? The show is a mini-adventure about Clint Barton and his new protégé, Kate Bishop, who become targets of a criminal gang, a conflict that brings them face to face with dangerous enemies.

what Hockey What it lacks in excitement, it makes up for in charm. Jeremy Renner And Hailee Steinfeld are excellent together, playing an odd couple that ranks as one of the best in the franchise. The two Hawkeyes are among the best superheroes in Phase 4 of the MCU, and even if the long-awaited arrival of the Kingpin doesn’t live up to the hype, the two central performances are almost irresistible.

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3 ‘Miss. Marvel’ (2022)

Ms. Marvel wears a crown and smiles while waving at Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel is endlessly charming, arguably the most relatable of Phase 4 of the MCU. The show follows Kamala Khan, a sixteen-year-old Avengers fan who becomes a superhero after receiving a magical bracelet that allows her to wield cosmic power.

Thank you Iman VellaniThe star-making process of, Ms. Marvel It’s a good time. The show is a classic superhero story, unburdened by the massive world-building that plagued most of the MCU’s Phase 4 projects. Instead, it integrates the larger MCU elements through Kamala’s young eyes, allowing for a sweet story about family and teens coming to terms with superpowers. The mutant revealed at the end of the show bothered a lot, but it was not enough to destroy Ms. MarvelReputation or value of rewatch.

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2 ‘WandaVision’ (2021)

Wanda, Vision, and their twins prepare to fight WandaVision.
Image via Disney+

Elizabeth Olsen And Paul Bettany Star in WandaVision, arguably Disney+’s best and most ambitious effort in the MCU. The show follows Wanda and Vision living a seemingly normal life in the small town of Westview, though things seem far from normal.

WandaVision The show’s success is due to Olsen and Bettany’s tremendous acting ability and powerful exploration of tragedy. Help by stealing the scene Kathryn Hahn, the show has risen to the upper echelons of Marvel programming, offering compelling, layered, and entertaining stories that keep audiences engaged. And while the ending derails it, the show remains an exciting and rewatchable adventure that fans can binge on in a single day.

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1 ‘Loki’ (2021 – )

President Loki smiled at someone in Loki.
Image via Disney+

Tom Hiddleston Finally got to stand in the spotlight, alone and undefeated, on Disney+ Logic. It focuses on the God of Decay, now a prisoner of the Time Variance Authority, who has been recruited to help bring a dangerous threat to the sacred Timeline.

Logic is everything that a Marvel project should be: excitement, ambition, stunning visuals, and a non-stop, engaging story that provides laughs while also challenging its audience. Hiddleston shines the opposite Owen WilsonWho almost steals the show from under him. Logic is incredibly fun and rewatchable, especially when the long-awaited second season arrives this year.

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