After Thor: Ragnarok, we deserve to see more Hela in the MCU

November 2017, Thor: Ragnarok restarted Thor launched the franchise with aplomb and introduced the world to the villainous Hela (Cate Blanchett). Thor’s sister (Chris Hemsworth), Hela is a cunning figure determined to rule Asgard and all that exists with a violent fist.Hela is not easy to mess with, it left a deep impression on her Heaven’s myth On screen, she wields a gigantic sword and removes one of Thor’s eyes, which is eventually snatched away by Surtur’s mighty power. Hela is a formidable foe, a formidable adversary, to say the least, and a perfect fit for extremist sensibilities. Heaven’s myth.

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Considering her underwhelming debut in the MCU, it’s shocking that Hela doesn’t reappear in the series (although the character is slated to appear in season two episodes). what if…?, Blanchett reprises the role). At this juncture, it seemed that Surtur did kill Hela once and for all in the end. Heaven’s myth, but the character hasn’t been seen since 2017. While there are many understandable reasons why Marvel Studios’ follow-up movies don’t use Helya, at one point it looked like Helya might be a recurring figure in the MCU medium.

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Initial speculation about Hela’s long-term MCU role

Cate Blanchett as Hela in 'Thor Ragnarok'
Image via Marvel Studios

forward Avengers: Infinity War The film’s plot has been kept under wraps since its theatrical release, leading to speculation about which aspects of the original book, among other factors, infinity gauntlet The manga storyline will remain. One detail that’s been speculated in particular is whether the movie will retain Thanos’ motivation for obsessing over the physical manifestation of death, which informs his entire quest to wipe out half the universe. Inevitably, theories about whether this element of the character will be kept end up intersecting with theories about whether Hela will show up. infinity war.

Rumors quickly spread that Hela would replace Death in the MCU and be the lover who inspired Thanos to go on a genocidal spree.The concept didn’t gain much traction until November 2016, when the head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige Fixed Hela’s alternate death on the big screen infinity war Vulture for export. Feige’s answer was a cryptic “anything is possible,” while his answer also revealed that not everything in the comics will make it to the big screen.It’s far from fully confirmed, but it also pokes fun at Blanchett’s idea infinity war Enough to fuel those fan theories even further.

Inevitably, the showman behind Hella himself will have to comment on all of this speculation as well. Blanchett was coy about returning to play Hela. infinity war and any other future Marvel Studios projects a few weeks ago Heaven’s myth She opened up, though she noted that she thoroughly enjoyed playing the villainous being and would love to come back.Of course, in the next few months Heaven’s myth Upon opening, it’s clear that the movie version of Thanos will be very different from the character in the comics. These deviations will serve as new motivations for his nefarious actions.This leaves no room for Hela to be the new version of Death as she is absent infinity war A precedent was set for her presence, or absence, in subsequent Marvel films.

Why did Hela disappear from the MCU?

Hela walking the clearing in Thor Ragnarok
Image via Marvel Studios

Although a departure from the source material, Hela was left out of the third and fourth The Avengers There are other reasons Hela never appeared in subsequent MCU entries besides the movies. On the one hand, for a villain so rooted in the fantasy world, there aren’t many opportunities in a Marvel movie. Most of these films either opted for grander sci-fi ambitions or were rooted in grounded spy movies (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and black widow, For example). Hella would stand out in these projects, there just isn’t any room for her to get some massive screen time.

This lack of playing opportunities even extends to Thor: Love and Thunder, Taika Waititifollow-up Thor: Ragnarok. Here, the villain of the work is Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale) instead of the vengeful Hella.Meanwhile, the project’s supporting cast has been stacked with earlier returning faces Thor Installments (including cameos by Darcy and Sif), for better or worse. Finding a spot for Hela in such a crowded cast is very difficult.Also, the more absurd and outlandish tone love and thunder For the more ruthless enemy Hela, this is probably an unsuitable home.

Then there’s the fact that Cate Blanchett is a very busy actress herself, and as far as we know, when she first played Hella in “Hella,” she wasn’t signed to a multi-film deal . Thor: Ragnarok.With no contractual obligation to keep her in them, Blanchett’s schedule in recent years has been filled with movies like nightmare alley and asphalt. Even if Marvel Studios wanted to make Hela a big presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Blanchett’s packed schedule would be difficult to work around.

With all of this in mind, it becomes clearer why Hela hasn’t been in the MCU since her debut. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t be exciting to see Hela return and cause more violent chaos. Blanchett is terrific in the role of an unabashedly malevolent villain, a welcome reprieve from the typical Marvel Cinematic Universe foes who must be cast against the backdrop of layers of tragedy. expressed in the story. Plus, the way she can draw swords and other weapons straight out of her body looks pretty cool. Who wouldn’t want it to continue in these movies? While it’s not shocking that Hela isn’t a major character in the modern Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are countless reasons why she should be revived in this expansive saga.

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