After all these years, this is still the cruelest ending in a horror film

Usually, horror movies have at least one predictable ending. If you’re watching a horror series, chances are the killer looks dead at the end, but he’s likely to return. But at least the hero or the last girl has a moment, if only briefly, with their heads held high and triumphant. Horror, however, is leaning more and more toward darker, more bleak endings.nothing funny at the end of last year Smile, For example. go back a little further, saw 2004 and mist In 2007, it also fell into darkness.Earlier, who could forget the final image from 1973 wicker man? In all of these cases, the heroes died, or at least hoped they did.

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There are many more such examples, but another horror film that belongs to the category of tragic ending is 2005’s wolf creek. The Australian film introduces us to a new iconic villain, but it also delivers audiences with a memorable finale that not only leaves the good guys destroyed and the bad guys with their heads held high, but in the most depressing and hopeless of circumstances Give the bad guys a way out. method. Nothing is more bleak and cruel than the final scene. wolf creek.

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‘Wolf Creek’ Mick Taylor Is a Creepy Horror Villain

John Jarrett as Mick Taylor in 'Wolf Creek'
Picture from Roadshow Entertainment

part wolf creek Follow familiar horror tropes. When three young backpackers decide to hike through the barren Australian outback, you know something bad is going to happen to them. wolf creek asked, “What if you met Crocodile Dundee, but he was a murderous psychopath?” What makes wolf creek Work, even before we meet villains, is that we care about heroes. You have British bestie Liz (Cassandra Magrass) and Christie (kestie moracey) and their local friend Ben (Nathan Phillips), they may seem like simple cookie-cutter material, but the writer and director Greg McLean Really makes you care about the threesome before the horror begins. They may like to have a good time, but they are good people who care about each other.

That’s what got us involved when they meet the villain in Mick Taylor who will change their lives (John Jarratt). Taylor is the stereotype of Australians in the eyes of outsiders, wearing a big hat, carrying a pocket knife and acting backward. When friends meet him in the middle of the night, their car breaks down on a remote highway and Mick takes everyone to his place. Even though he comes across as too strong, laughs too much, and makes uncomfortable jokes, they still follow him. When Ben jokingly compares Mick to Crocodile Dundee and says “that’s not a knife, it’s a knife”, Mick is silent for a moment, looking at Ben with pure hatred.

Later, the car is wrecked and Liz and Christie are then tied up. Mick is with Christy, pointing a rifle at her, and laughs as she screams in horror. This isn’t a silent lunatic like Michael Myers. Mick loves to talk and everything is a fun game made just for him. Liz creates a diversion, snatches Mick’s gun, and even shoots at him, but since it’s only the second act, of course, the bullet just brushes past him, and of course, there’s no more bullets. They try to escape, but Mick tracks them down and Liz discovers evidence of him killing tourists over the years. Unfortunately, Liz died under Mick’s knife. After stabbing her, he raised his weapon and said, “That’s not a knife, it’s a knife.” We now know that Liz won’t be the last girl. That burden falls to Christie.

At the end of ‘Wolf Creek,’ it looks like the hero will win

Kesty Morassie as Kristy Earle in 'Wolf Creek'
Picture from Roadshow Entertainment

When Christie couldn’t find Liz, she fled into the night. In the morning, covered in blood, she stumbled onto the highway and collapsed from exhaustion. An elderly man pulled over to help her, but he was immediately shot and killed by Mick at a distance. Christie drove off the man’s car and opened fire, with Mick in hot pursuit. He catches up to her, sticking out his tongue, but when Christie forces him off the road, it looks like she’ll get away. No. Instead, Mick got out of the car, drew his rifle, and shot Christie through one of the tires. He then catches up to her, and as Christie crawls away, Mick silently shoots her in one of the film’s most heartbreaking and heartless last girl to find wolf creek.

Will this be one of those movies where all the heroes die? not completely. It’s worse than that. We’re now watching a very rare horror movie in which only this guy is alive, but even if Ben wins, we won’t get a happy ending. The previous events were too brutal and final. We didn’t follow Ben at all, but now we find him pinned to the wall behind Mick’s house, next to the decomposing body of another tourist.

The real horror of ‘Wolf Creek’ is that the bad guys get away with it

Mick Taylor in
Picture from Roadshow Entertainment

Ben escaped in pain and ran onto a dirt road, where he fell to the ground. We leaned in when a hat-wearing figure approached him. This is the showdown between Ben and Mick. While it’s a little awkward to have Ben live and save the world while both women die, at least we have a hero who can take down Mick. not so fast. The person in the hat is not Mick, but another person. The man saves Ben and drives away as they flee without the maniac shooting them. Mick was nowhere to be found. Then he must be laying an ambush, right? Just before Ben looks like he’s going to make it, bang, Meek pops up and does something in the final frame. That horrific metaphor will never come up. Instead, Ben was taken to a hospital and later put on a medical plane. The last time we see Ben, he’s in handcuffs and in the custody of Australian authorities, as he’s now a suspect in the murder of his friend.

The video first ends with this text:

“Despite numerous extensive police searches, no trace of Liz Hunter or Kristy Earle has been found. The early investigation into the case was disorganized due to the confusion of the crime location, lack of physical evidence and alleged unreliability. Sole witness. Ben Mitchell was later cleared of all suspicion after four months in police custody. He is currently living in South Australia.”

Then we cut to Mick walking into the sunset with the rifle at his side like it was a happy ending.

get frustrated easily wolf creekending. It won’t give us what we least in wicker man, saw, mistand Smile, We’re going to have a big showdown. not here. The women died and were never avenged, and Ben and Mick never confronted each other. We don’t get to see the horror climactic scene of good versus evil. Even if evil wins and Ben dies, this still has to happen, right? Instead, we just get text messages about poor law and order. That’s it? Instead of letting us have horror tropes, Greg McLean chooses to pursue realism by twisting expectations. The man is alive, but no one will listen to him. He was ignored, and when he was finally let go, it was too late. He will survive, but his life is ruined forever. At the same time, Mick had already left and went out to kill again.Meek did kill again, creating another murder spree in 2013 wolf creek 2, he again got away with his crime.Mick Taylor became such a notorious figure that wolf creek It was even made into a TV series for two seasons. Guess what, Mick Taylor is alive again! It looks like the only thing that could kill him is the producers, because despite years of talk of a third season or movie, it hasn’t happened yet.

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