12 Movie Heroes who are actually Villains

“The line between good and evil runs down the heart of every human being.” The best characters have both good and bad in them. Severus Snape, Jackie Brown, and Michael Corleone are interesting figures because they are very gray. However, some characters are portrayed as good, but the next reflection starts to look like villains.

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Some of these characters have pure intentions but are willing to commit evil for the greater good. Others are selfish and inconsiderate of those around them. Some of them are just plain jerks. With a movie hero like this, who needs a villain?

Updated on July 12, 2023, by Hannah Saab:

While coming up Wonka (December 15) seems eager to paint the iconic character in a good light, it doesn’t change how other adaptations of the story blur the lines between his heroic and villainous nature. Movies with heroes who are actually villains aren’t necessarily bad, and this trope can be the movie’s greatest strength. When done right, the audience may never realize they’re rooting for the villain all along.

12 Ferris Bueller – ‘Ferris Bueller’s Holiday’ (1986)

Ferris Bueller

Ferris Bueller (Matthew Broderick) is a symbol of rebellious teenage spirit. In an iconic 80s feel-good movie, Ferris Bueller partyHe skips school and encourages his best friend (Alan Ruck) and boyfriend (Mien Cha) do the same, leading to all kinds of shenanigans. But he is still the devil on Cameron’s shoulder. He encouraged Cameron to break the rules. He was the one who decided to take Cameron’s father’s car.

Ferris seems to have little concern about getting Cameron in trouble. When Cameron protested his plan, Ferris overruled him. This is not to say that Ferris is evil or anything. He’s also a lovable bad boy, and generally his heart is in the right place. But he was still a little lazy.

11 Drea Torres – ‘Take Revenge’ (2022)

Camila Mendes in Do Revenge

A comedy-drama from the director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, Do Revenge, is centered on an unlikely friendship that develops between two students at Rosehill Country Day High School. Drea Torres (Camila Mendes), who was once popular and is now a social outcast, together with student Eleanor Levetan (Maya Hawke), who is haunted by the actions of a bully who now attends the same school. They work together to seek revenge on each other in a way that is both sneaky and fun. Funny.

Little did Dera know that Eleanor was playing him the whole time. Thanks to this shocking twist and the way Drea is portrayed as an underprivileged and scorned teenager, she is seen as more of a hero when she becomes a clearly passionate villain. While she has a major character transformation towards the end, it doesn’t change the fact that she’s not someone the average viewer wants to cross in real life.

10 Mrs. Doubtfire – ‘Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

Miss Doubtfire smiled warmly

Miss Doubtfire is a beloved comedy about Daniel (Robin Williams), the father who runs a harebrained project to be able to spend time with his children after an acrimonious divorce. He disguised himself as a woman so that she could become their stepmother and thus bring him back into the family.

If this deception was not enough, Daniel also tried several times to destroy his ex-wife. own (Sally Field) relationship with her new boyfriend Stu (Pierce Brosnan). Daniel goes so far as to sneak cayenne pepper into Stu’s food, knowing that he is extremely allergic. If someone tries anything in real life they will be caught immediately.

9 Seth – ‘Superbad’ (2007)

Jonah Hill and Michael Cera in Superbad

Seth Rogen And Evan Goldberg‘s Not good A classic that comes of age. One of the greatest teen movies of the 2000s, it remains an entertaining tale of teenage misbehavior – but looking back, one can’t help but notice that Seth (Jonah Hill) is kind of a sleazebag.

He is cynical and opposed to his love Jules (Emma Stone). He’s also self-absorbed, a big jerk, and incredibly soft-spoken. Not to mention, he immediately bullies his friend Evan (Michael Cera). He mostly redeems himself by the end of the movie, but make no mistake: Seth is no angel.

8 Joe Fox – ‘You’ve Got Mail’ (1998)

You have received a letter

Nora Ephron‘s You have received a letter Online love chronicles between two people who don’t know each other IRL, they are rivals in the bookselling business. It is one of three iconic rom-coms starring Tom Hanks And Meg Ryan. But the character of Hank Joe is not quite as nice as he appears.

For one, he lied to Ryan’s Kathleen, over and over. He rubs her blind date, then refuses to leave after she asks him to leave. After he figured out that Kathleen was the girl he had been texting online, he Armed with this information against her. The movie ends happily, but not before Kathleen loses her business and income, mainly because of Joe. Tom Hanks is a good enough actor that he makes Joe warm and likable, but Joe Fox’s part is terrible.

7 The Ghostbusters – ‘Ghostbusters’ (1984)


Ghostbusters is one of the defining comedies of the 80s. With actors such as Bill Murray And Dan Aykroyd, it’s no surprise that the goofball character is so popular. But when one considers what Ghostbusters actually does, things start to get darker.

After all, they’ve captured stray spirits in their nuclear-powered devices, with no plans to release them. They sent lost souls to Limbo for eternity. When your job description makes you look like Lucifer, it’s time to rethink your line of work.

6 Willy Wonka – The Movie ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’


Willy Wonka is one of the most famous writers of literature of whimsy and delight, but he also has a dark side. He’s paranoid, he’s lazy, he keeps Ooma Loompas as slaves, and he visits terrible fates on children who displease him. Yes, children are ugly, but to be fair, they are Yes Children. And Wonka’s excuse for all this? His dentist father wouldn’t let him eat candy as a child.

Both Gene Wilder And Johnny Depp have captured the uneasy nature of Wonka’s personality in their performance. It will be interesting to see how Timothée Chalamet Interpret the upcoming features Wonka.

5 Dom Cobb – ‘The Beginning’ (2010)

Leonardo DiCaprio as Cobb sits down and looks at his totem while holding a gun in Inception

Christopher NolanScientific works in science, The beginning, often cited along with the best sci-fi movies ever made. It follows Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), a professional “blocker” whose job is to enter the subconscious of people to steal information. When he is tasked with an unprecedented mission to plant ideas, he gathers a talented team and conducts a dangerous search.

Aside from being a professional thief, it’s easy to overlook the fact that Dom is a flawed hero. He not only endangers his team by not telling them about his own subconscious dangers, but he also uses it to infiltrate the minds of his victims to make money. He works for selfish reasons, but his bravado in action-packed films often obscures those truths.

4 Ladybug – ‘Bullet Train’ (2022)

brad pitt bullet train outstanding social
Image via Sony

Director David Leitchaction-comedy, Bullet train, blurs the line between villain and hero with its entertaining plot. The movie follows an operation called Ladybug (Brad Pitt) who is on a mission to retrieve a wallet full of cash on a bullet train. It soon becomes apparent that he is not the only assassin out there, and chaos ensues as they learn who brought them together.

Ladybug is played by Pitt, who turns the assassin in the film into a likeable and relatable character who lives with anxiety and uncertainty about his place in the world. The quirky and funny moments, the brilliant humor, and the absorbing story make it all too easy to forget that the smiling hero is actually a brutal criminal used to experience the dead wherever he goes.

3 V – ‘V for Vendetta’ (2005)

V for Vendetta
Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

“The only verdict is vengeance, a vendetta…” The titular character from V for Vendetta Smart and witty, skilled with a blade, and incredibly brave, willing to take on any enemy to defend his ideals. Hugo weavesThe character’s performance is very good, and the character design is outstanding, V’s mask has become a symbol of resistance everywhere, made famous by the hacker group Anonymous.

But V is still a terrorist and a killer. He gladly sacrifices the innocent, withholds information from his allies, and even outright deceives them. He is morally ambiguous by design.

2 Batman – The Movie ‘Batman’

Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne in his Batman suit in 'The Batman'
Image via Warner Bros

The caped crusader is one of cinema’s most famous anti-heroes, but he may be more of a villain than fans think. After all, he is a billionaire and a genius technologist, but instead of using his resources to fund charities or improve Gotham’s infrastructure, he spends them on vigilance and cool clothes. Of course, Batman arrests many criminals, but he never addresses the root causes of crime in Gotham – poverty, incompetent government, and lack of opportunity.

It seems Bruce Wayne is more interested in acting out his own fantasy of heroism than dealing with these chronic issues. At worst, Batman causes all kinds of destruction. While chasing bad guys, he routinely destroys buildings, blows up roads, and cause the bridge to fall. A city like Gotham does not have the resources for these types of repairs.

1 Optimus Prime – The Movie ‘Transformation’

Sam Witwicky and Optimus Prime in Transformers Revenge of the Fallen
Image via Paramount Pictures

After the Decepticons wreak havoc in the city, Optimus tells the humans that he didn’t intervene sooner on purpose to let them know the truth about the evil robots. In other words, Optimus lets innocent people die to prove a point.

Indeed, more Transformer‘ Two and a half hours, Optimus rack up dozens of violations of the Geneva Convention. He separated several Decepticons as they begged for mercy. When Megatron offers to stop Optimus, the Autobot brutally destroys him. Look at it this way, Optimus is a straight up war criminal. His previous primal stint in the Rise of the beast Didn’t help his case.

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