12 Best Netflix Interactive Specials to Put You in the Place

Many of the shows produced by Netflix have become global phenomena. A few years after debuting in 2016, Stranger Things Heading into its fourth season, it remains the platform’s dominant force.who can forget how squid game It took the world by storm and became one of the platform’s most-watched series ever. However, Netflix has a uniquely engaging content in its library that most people probably don’t know about, namely interactive content.

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Netflix’s interactive experience puts the viewer in the driver’s seat, allowing them to make choices while watching that affect the development of the story and allowing viewers to shape their viewing experience. It’s similar to Supermassive Games’ “choose your own adventure” horror games, like their upcoming star-studded game, quarry. Some of these Netflix make-your-own-adventure interactive specials feature well-known names and franchises, even using storytelling tools for educational purposes. Most importantly, it allows the viewer to be part of the action.

Updated by Hannah Saab on July 3, 2023:

we lost humanity is Netflix’s latest and biggest attempt at making interactive specials, and it’s a terrific endeavor.Fans of interactive animal-centric adventures will be happy to know that the streaming giant has several other entertainment options (although there are some popular options like minecraft: story mode leave the platform).

12 Escape from Undertaker (2021)

run away from mourners

Very interesting thing for WWE fans to think about run away from mourners Watch as necessary.The streaming giant’s WWE crossover features a trio of real-life wrestling stars Kofi Kingston, xavier woodsand Big E – Enter a creepy mansion in hopes of stealing a powerful item from it organizer he himself.

Viewers have the option to choose one of three characters to follow, with each path leading to a different ending. Cheesy visuals and acting make it a “bad but good” experience. Plus, viewers might giggle when they decide to hit “I’m So Scared” two minutes into the special.

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11 The Cat in the Book: Caught in an Epic Story (2017)


and the cat that wears shoes returns to the big screen with success in its now Oscar-nominated sequel last wishthere’s never been a better time to experience an interactive adventure starring your loved ones Shrek features.

trapped in an epic story See the sword-wielding feline hero need your help to escape a spellbook through a series of classic fairy tales and tales. It’s a fun spin-off adventure game starring fan-favorite characters that puts you in the right mood for Puss in Boots’ big return.

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10 Trivia Quest (2022)

Trivia Explore Social
Image via Netflix

remember that game trivia crack Where can you and your friends have a quiz? Netflix recently turned the game into a fascinating interactive adventure that will test your knowledge.

With one of Netflix’s best interactive shows, Trivia tasks, Viewers can meet delightful animated characters from the iconic mobile game and take a multi-themed trivia test to hone their minds and rescue friends trapped in a trivia game. New episodes are released every day, Trivia tasks Provide daily knowledge to the audience. It’s also the perfect animated show that parents and kids can enjoy together.

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9 Captain Underpants: The Epic Choice Rama (2020)


The classic comic book superhero Captain Underpants gets his own adventure-style story on Netflix called epic choice ramaletting viewers guide him in his latest adventure.

Harold and George look for you to help Captain Underpants stop dastardly Krupp from destroying their treehouse in this interactive adventure.The audience controls all the action and shenanigans of this Captain Underpants Adventure, it provides a fun and interactive experience for children and adults.

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8 You and the Wild (2019)


Believe it or not, adventurers and survivalists Bear Grylls Continuing to offer multiple interactive specials on Netflix you and wild series. This is the ultimate Netflix choose-your-own-adventure experience.

In this gripping survivalist-like episode, viewers join Grylls on some dangerous and crazy missions in some hostile environments, and do what can help Grylls survive or get himself into trouble. s Choice. With two interactive series and one interactive film, there are many ways to join Grylls on his globe-trotting adventure.

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7 Burglary Cat (2022)

Scene from The Cat Thief
Image via Netflix

One of Netflix’s best interactive shows, Snitch Combining classic cartoon carnivals with fun questions makes for a fun and engaging experience that’s nostalgic and new.

By answering trivia questions correctly, viewers can help mischievous Roddy the cat steal some precious art while dodging security puppy Peanut. Snitch is an interactive quiz game that feels fresh from the past and is a lot of fun to watch.

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6 Carmen Sandiego: To Steal or Not to Steal (2020)

Carmen Sandiego and her crew

Netflix’s hit animated series, Carmen Sandiego, bringing this character back into the limelight.Now, fans can guide the titular spy on a new adventure with an interactive special to steal or not to steal.

In this adventure, fans will serve as Carmen’s mission control center, guiding her into action to save her captive crew from the evil VILE.Fans’ dreams come true when you create your own Carmen Sandiego This interactive film on Netflix tells the story of espionage.

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5 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs Priest (2020)

unbreakable kimmy schmidt
Image via Netflix

unbreakable kimmy schmidt Fans can be happy to know that there is an interactive special on Netflix called jimmy vs priestwhich puts you in the director’s chair and creating your own hilarious episodes.

As the golden rice (Ellie Kemper) trying to thwart the priest’s plot while planning his wedding, the viewer can make some choices that guide Jimmy’s journey, leading to some unexpected and interesting conclusions.it’s star-studded Jimmy Schmidt An adventure that no fan should miss.

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4 Headspace: Relax Your Mind (2021)


Sometimes you just want to hop on Netflix, relax, and get into a better mental state. Well, the meditation experts at Headspace have prepared an interactive special designed to unwind.

One of the best interactive shows on Netflix, relax Allows the viewer to create a custom meditation experience that puts you in a better headspace and calms your mind. If you really enjoy the ASMR experience or just want some meditation relief, this special is worth your time. Plus, it has minimalist and calming visuals.

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3 We Lost Humanity (2023)

'We Lost Humans' Netflix Special 'Ham and Bud'
Image via Netflix

we lost humanity Introduce your audience to some tough animated pets. One hour and 43 minutes long, this non-linear film is one of Netflix’s most ambitious interactive films and follows the misadventures of an indoor cat and dog who wake up to find all humans gone. As they venture out in search of their master (and other humans), viewers must help them either save the world or destroy it entirely.

Fascinating mysteries, well-designed puzzles, quirky creatures and unique visuals, we lost humanity Clearly already among Netflix’s best interactive films. This is a fun and strange ride unlike any other and definitely worth it.

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2 Barbie: An Epic Road Trip (2022)

Barbie Epic Road Trip
Image via Netflix

fans waiting for the director Greta Gerwigof Barbie may want to check Barbie: An Epic Road Trip first. The special features fan-favorite characters from Barbie’s side, such as Malibu, Brooklyn Barbie and Ken, as they recount their journeys and the decisions the protagonists make along the way.

The Netflix special delves into Barbie’s background and actually presents her as a multidimensional character who must make choices about her career, her relationships, and the sacrifices she’s willing to make. Of course, this is all presented in a light-hearted, energetic and funny way, not to mention the countless funny fourth wall breaking throughout the special.

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1 Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018)


Netflix’s Beloved Anthology Series black mirror We are no strangers to pushing boundaries when it comes to exploring technology and dark visions of humanity.Still, they’re going the extra mile with their interactive films in 2020 Bandersnatch.

a popular Netflix interactive film, BandersnatchIncredible meta-story about a game programmer who creates a choose-your-own-adventure game that ends up costing him his life and sending him into a horrific downward spiral that twists his reality. With all sorts of scary endings and choices and one delightful meta moment, Bandersnatch Giving viewers the tools to make their own haunting black mirror experience.

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