10 ‘Young Sheldon’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Connections You Might Have Missed

Chuck Lorre and bill prady In 2007, the sitcom enjoyed a wild ride with the success of its hit series, big bang theory. Shelton (jim parsons), Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Penny (Kaley Cuoco), Raj (Kunal Neyal), Howard (Simon Helberg), and later Amy (Mayim Bairik) and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) delivered humor and heartfelt moments over an impressive twelve seasons, as the series transitioned from a comedy about nerds to a character growth series.

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In 2017, big bang theory Fans were excited to learn about the prequel spinoff, young sheldonwhich has been approved, offers the backstory of the eccentric Sheldon Cooper and an origin story in his unique ways. ian armitage Plays a younger version of Sheldon, who lives with his parents, George, in Texas (Lance Barber) and Mary (zoe perry), brother Georgie (Jordan, Montana) and fraternal twin sister Missy (Reagan Raywood). young sheldon Six seasons have filled the void in Sheldon’s life, with another season due sometime in 2023.From singing ‘Soft Kitty’ for the first time to the voiceover that reveals what’s going on in Sheldon and Amy’s future, here are 10 of the most memorable connections big bang theory and young sheldon.

10 soft cat

Penny tucks Sheldon in while singing

young sheldon The germaphobic nature of Sheldon is immediately explored, and in “Sneezes, Detentions, and Sissy Spacek,” he takes extreme measures to keep the flu from crossing Medford. But when he inevitably contracted the flu, big bang theory Fans jumped in from the first moment “Soft Kitty” sang.


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While Penny sings the song first, the prequel shares a tender moment when Mary sings “Soft Cat” to Sheldon to make him feel better. Since then, “Soft Cat” has become a kind of comfort to Sheldon when he is sick.

9 relationship contract

Annie Potts and Wallace Shawn as Connie and Dr. Sturgess in 'Young Sheldon'

big bang theory Viewers are well aware of Sheldon’s thoughtful, detailed agreements—from his roommate agreement with Leonard to his relationship agreement with Amy. Sheldon has become a somewhat hilarious character in the series, with extensive rules in place meant to make him comfortable and instructive while trying to clearly understand the framework.


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inside young sheldon In the episode “Vanilla Ice Cream, Gentleman Visitors, and Dining Chairs”, Sheldon becomes concerned with the relationship between Connie and Dr. Sturgis (wallace shawn), where he created the first relationship agreement for them.

8 Professor Proton

Professor Proton in The Big Bang Theory

The link between young Sheldon and his adult self is his unrequited love for Professor Proton (bob newhart), explored in big bang theory and young sheldon.Professor Proton was first introduced in big bang theoryas Leonard and Sheldon often mention that their childhood TV shows made them want to pursue science.

In season six, the friends learn that the retired entertainer can be rented out for parties, and are surprised to discover that he’s not as science-savvy as they are. He then appeared in other episodes of the series. young sheldon Sheldon’s love for the show is showcased, he has a lot of feuds with his family over his educational programming instead of mindless entertainment, and he has a signed poster in his bedroom.

7 “Basinga!”

logo that inspired sheldon's catchphrase

when fans think of big bang theoryAmong them, the most striking character is Sheldon Cooper (Sheldon Cooper), he is brilliant, but poor social skills. His most characteristic phrase, “Bazinga,” has become a catchphrase among the fanbase.

exist young sheldon, “Bazinga” finally got an origin story in season two’s “Stunted Childhood and a Jar of Fancy Mixed Nuts.” After Missy and Paige’s relentless teasing (Mckenna Grace), Shelton sets out to prove that he has a boyish side too, buying joke pranks from a brand called “Bazinga” — using the brand name as his catchphrase.

6 nobel prize

Amy and Sheldon win Nobel Prize for 'The Big Bang Theory'

largest cross between big bang theory and young sheldon Occurs when two episodes air in a row: the final episode Tributyltin season 2 finale young sheldon, “Swedish scientific events and the toast equation”.exist big bang theory In the finale, fans were delighted to see Sheldon and Amy receive a Nobel Prize for their contributions to science, with Sheldon thanking his friends, family and Amy for their love and support.


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under the young sheldon In this episode, Sheldon invites the entire school to a listening evening to hear the announcement of the latest Nobel laureate, but his happiness wanes when no one shows up — not even his mentor, Sturgis. The Doctor didn’t show up either. In a voiceover, Sheldon admits he’s never felt so alone, but reflects on the fact that one day he’ll be surrounded by friends.In this finale, the montage of the younger version big bang theory Show cast.

5 Caltech

Caltech Cafeteria - Appeared in

exist big bang theory, Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard attended Caltech, a private research university in Pasadena, California. Many episodes were filmed on the location, showing each character’s ongoing research as well as their battles – especially in the cafeteria.

In season 3, episode 16 young sheldon, Sheldon and George traveled to Pasadena to attend a lecture by Stephen Hawking. Sheldon looks back at college, and in the final scene, he looks at the cafeteria where he will be sitting with friends in the future.

4 bathroom schedule

Sheldon standing outside the bathroom door, thumbs up

One of the most obnoxious aspects of Sheldon Cooper’s character is his strict bathroom schedule. Outlining a specific time frame during which he would use the bathroom each day of the week, the bathroom schedule caused tension between him and Amy when they finally moved in together. big bang theory And keep pissing off Leonard.


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In Cape Canaveral, Schrödinger’s Cat, and Cyndi Lauper’s Hair (from young sheldon), Sheldon’s bathroom schedule becomes an intimate moment between Sheldon and George. George takes the boys to watch the spaceship launch, and Mary scolds George for thinking he can’t take care of Sheldon properly. And, when he was able to recite Sheldon’s bathroom schedule, fans realized that George was paying more attention than first thought.

3 cozy hot drink

Sheldon is sitting on the couch drinking a hot drink

One of Sheldon’s softer sides is his attempts to comfort those he cares about. While he may not always have the right words, he has learned from an early age to serve people comforting hot beverages.exist big bang theoryThe first person Sheldon offered him a hot drink of comfort was Leonard in the first season of “The Way of Middle-Earth”, after Leonard was embarrassed in front of Penny at a party, Sheldon gave him a dip tea.

young sheldon The origins of his method are explored in “Body Glitter and Mall Safety Kits,” where he realizes that Peggy isn’t handling her parents’ divorce well and offers her a cup of tea while she cries. George walked in where his son was making tea and told him he was proud of him.

2 george’s fate

Lance Barber as George Sr. sitting on a recliner with a beer in Young Sheldon

Sheldon’s relationship with his father was never particularly close, especially compared to his relationship with Mary. It’s not often that George takes the time to understand Sheldon or connect with Georgie, but the moments they share are special to Sheldon.

fans of big bang theory Famously, Sheldon’s father died of complications from a heart attack when he was fourteen, and George felt he had to take care of the family as the next male head of the family.Although the current season young sheldon Still showing George is alive, fans have explained that the upcoming season, showing Sheldon’s age, will kill off the character.

1 Sheldon and Amy’s future

Sheldon and Amy from 'The Big Bang Theory' get married

exist big bang theoryFans were delighted when Sheldon and Amy got married in the final season. Watching Sheldon fall in love, bond, and learn to compromise growing up is a highlight of the show.

back big bang theoryFans don’t know anything about Shamy’s success, but young sheldon Fortunately, they understand the current situation. During “Graduation,” the adult Sheldon states that his high school graduation party was the best he’s ever been to, aside from his son’s graduation party. Shelton then revealed that their son was named Leonard, after his best friend Leonard Nimoy. He joked that his son’s name should be Leonard Nimoy Cooper, and Amy joked that he was lucky to have chosen the name Leonard.

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