10 Unrated Romantic Comedies of the Last 5 Years, Ranked

The romantic comedy has proven to be a timeless genre that has always adapted and found its relevance across eras and generations. With the rise of the digital age and streaming services, the landscape of romantic comedy is filled with endless experimentation and possibilities.

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The past 5 years have provided exciting and unique romantic comedies, from hilarious palm tree to the Academy Award The worst person in the world. However, there are still plenty of amazing romantic comedies that fly under the radar, deserving of their own moment in the spotlight of the all-time greats.

10 ‘Dating Amber’ (2020)

Image via Irish Screen

Date with Amber Follow the story of young students Amber and Eddie, who in an attempt to stop the onslaught of speculation about their sexuality, create a fake relationship to please the masses. Their plan goes off without a hitch at first, but their friendship begins to fall apart as Eddie’s denial of his sexuality deepens and deepens, forcing Amber to intervene.

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Date with Amber is just one of many LGBTQ+ romantic comedies that have come out in recent years, complete with some classic Irish comedy stylings for a brilliantly funny tone. However, the film’s central friendship is what makes the film special, showing how effective mutual friendships can be in a romantic comedy.

9 ‘Someone I Used to Know’ (2023)

Image via Prime Video

Some people I used to know Follow the story of Ally, a working woman, while visiting her hometown, has the chance to meet her first love, Sean, the day before his wedding. Down on her luck, Ally takes it upon herself to implement a plan to destroy the marriage and win Sean’s love back, a task that becomes even more difficult after building a friendship with his fiancé.

While the premise of the film finds itself sharing many elements with the classic rom-com, My best friend’s weddingDirector Dave Franco Provides a modern flair in a classic place to make it your own. The film parallels many of the strengths that the classic setting provides, as well as making an attempt to delve deeper into the emotional side of the main relationship at hand.

8 ‘The Happiest Season’ (2020)

The happiest season

The happiest season Follow the story of longtime couple Abby and Harper (played by Kristen Stewart And Mackenzie Davis), as Abby plans to propose to Harper at her family’s annual holiday party. Her plan soon goes awry when she realizes Harper hasn’t come out to her conservative parents yet, as they still believe the duo are roommates.

The holiday season is always a prime time for romantic comedies, and the Happiest Season uses holiday themes to tell an honest and simple LGBTQ+ love story. The film is also highly upgraded by its special support, featuring the likes of Aubrey Plaza, Alison BrieAnd Dan Levy Who all work a lot.

7 ‘Brother’ (2022)

billy eichner luke macfarlane social bros
Image via Universal Pictures

Brother Tell the story of Bobby and Aaron, two gay men who live in New York, despite their completely opposite feelings, come together and try to build a relationship. Their connection through a variety of ups and downs as both face their own internal struggle in how to manage relationships.

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The biggest strength that Brother There is a level of emotional vulnerability that the film is willing to show and explore in the examination of the main duo, as the film does not hold back in examining these themes of self-doubt. The film is also full of many hilarious moments, there Billy EichnerThe writing style comes through on full display to great effect.

6 ‘Good luck to you, Leo Grande’ (2022)

Good luck with leo grande features

Good luck to you, Leo Grande Follow the story of Nancy Stokes, an elderly woman who after a lifetime of feeling like she missed out on real sex, hires a young sex worker to fulfill her desires. The mysterious and beautiful Leo Grande seems to be everything Nancy could hope for, but she still struggles with her inner self-doubt as an older woman.

Leo Grande A comedy that is smaller than a romantic comedy, mainly takes place in one place and mainly consists of dialogue between the two main characters. Amazing installation is able to work wonders, back and forth between Emma Thompson And Daryl McCormack is both engaging and believable, creating a highly entertaining experience.

5 ‘I Want You Back’ (2022)

I want you to come back with jenny slate and charlie day
Image via Prime Video

I want you back Follows the story of the duo of Peter and Emma, ​​two newly single people still recovering from a bad breakup. With their former loves finding new partners on their own, Peter and Emma team up and plan to destroy each other’s past relationships so they can come in and get their old love back.

Along with the main band all stars of Charlie Day And Jenny Slate, I want you backIts biggest strength is the comedic chemistry from both the main duo and its stellar supporting cast. The film is hilarious from start to finish, with the likeability and charm of Day and Slate helping the film’s main characters perform their usual irredeemable acts.

4 ‘On Fate’ (2022)

About fate
Image via American International Pictures

About fate Follow the story of Margot and Griffin, two magical strangers who continue to find themselves in each other’s lives during the holiday season. While the two are dealing with their own relationship issues individually, it soon becomes clear that their continued confrontation with each other may be fateful.

Related: 10 Best Subversive Romantic Comedies, RankedUndeniable charm and heart throughout About fate That is often lost when it comes to rom-coms in the modern era. While the film is full of numerous clichés and conventions of the genre, it plays it straight with the great main duo of. Emma Roberts And Thomas MannWho has excellent on-screen chemistry.

3 ‘Plus One’ (2019)

Maya Erskine and Jack Quaid in Plus One (2019)
Image via RLJE Films

plus one Follow the story of Alice and Ben, two single friends who face the hardships of having to attend many friends’ weddings while living in lonely isolation. To help ease each other’s pain, Alice and Ben agree to accompany each other to each of their weddings that they must attend, and in the process, begin to build their own relationship.

The pain and turmoil that comes from the lack of a relationship is something that feels at odds with the mission statement of rom-coms as a whole, yet. plus one Use this as fuel for its high comedy scene. Jack Quaid And Maya ErskineThe connection of the screen is a perfect match, as both bring out the best of each other, both comedy and drama.

2 ‘Sh*thouse’ (2020)

Cooper Raiff and Dylan Gelula in 'Shithouse'

Sh*thouse Follow the story of antisocial freshman college student Alex, who has closed himself off from his peers and has really failed to live the college experience. In an effort to go out and make the most of college, he went to a fraternity party where he made a strong connection with Maggie, a counselor who lives in his two countries.

More than any other film released in the 21st century, Sh*thouse Perfectly captures the feeling of loneliness and anxiety that comes from the early years of college. The film thrives on the areas of awkward conversations, embarrassing decisions, and valuable life lessons that help the film be one of the most effective uses of the college setting. Sh*thouse It’s as real and authentic as one can get with a romantic comedy, because at times it feels like the entire movie was ripped from the director-writer. Cooper RaifLife and put on the screen.

1 ‘Rye Lane’ (2023)

Rye Lane Vivian Oparah David Jonsson
Image via Sundance

Rye Lane Following the story of Dom and Yas, two twenty-somethings who both deal with the fallout from a bad breakup and miraculously connect with each other over mutual experiences. The two spend the day doing many things to help each other, from dealing with their exes to overall bonding, leading to their faith in the relationship being restored in each other.

Rye Lane Take such a simple and standard crossover story and turn it into a spectacular and fun ride from start to finish thanks to its great performance and style. Films are always full of creativity and brilliance with costumes and character dialogues, breathing new life and originality into the premises to give it a whole new feel. Rye Lane It proves that there is still a way to develop a way to tell a romantic comedy, and that film only begins to scratch the surface of all these possibilities.

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