10 unexpected roles from famous actors, according to Reddit

Moviegoers are used to seeing popular actors and actresses in roles common to them. for example, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Is always the type of physical hero who saves the day, and Will Smith A charming comic relief. However, Johnson showed sophistication in his skills by starring in the underrated sleeper hit Soccer playersWhile Smith stepped out of his usual role and won an Oscar King Richard.

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Audiences are often surprised by these transformations, though Johnson and Smith are just two examples of the show’s diverse talent. Reddit users in the topic r / movies started such a discussion – the surprising role of some kind of actor. The ten actors they voted for the most showed a big change from their usual roles, which is worth mentioning for Redditors.

10 Tom Cruise in ‘Tropic Thunder’

Tom Cruise as Les Grossman avoids Matthew McConaughey as Pecker in Tropic Thunder
Image via DreamWorks Pictures

One of the most surprising roles from an A-list actor has been cast Tropical thunderstorms. No it is not Robert Downey Jr. How Australian actor Kirk Lazarus – it is Tom Cruise Studio hot shot Les Grossman. Ben StillerTropic Thunder director, and actor, said Cruise invented Grossman, adding that the movie needed an evil studio executive to work.

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Redditors agree that this is one of Cruise’s most surprising roles, even adding that he is angry. User xxmindtrickxx wrote this about the performance: “Try and say this whole monologue, out loud without laughing with emphasis like Cruise, it’s impossible I crack up hysterically every time.”

9 Will Ferrell in ‘Stranger Than Fiction’

Harold Crick sits in an office intently listening to people off camera in Stranger Than Fiction.
Image via Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group

Everyone used to Will Ferrell is stupid From Ron Burgundy to Ricky Bobby, his casting roles are hilarious and over the top. Some people can’t keep a straight face when they see Ferrell, which can be a negative for an actor like him. This is especially true if they wear Stranger than fictionThink it’s just another Will Ferrell movie.

People were pleasantly surprised by Ferrell’s performance Stranger than fiction, and it wasn’t the last time he took on a serious role. However, it was one of the first examples of fans seeing him in a different light. Reddit user Yackemflaber agreed, saying: “I love how he manages to keep his silliness down to a realistic level while combining it with great acting.”

8 Matt Damon in ‘Eurotrip’

matt damon eurotrip0

Matt DamonThe sense of humor does not go unnoticed. Although he is the king of Dad movies, people are surprised to see him in a teen comedy about a high school student traveling around Europe. Adorned with facial piercings, neck tattoos, and black-painted nails, Damon became the face of Eurotrip. Many people still chant “Scotty doesn’t know” when he mentions it.

Redditors agree that Damon surprised them here, although he is known for smaller roles and cameos, it seems, for the thrill of it. Regardless of Damon’s awesome cameos that Redditors chose, a user named ThatRandomIdiot wrote: “This is still my favorite Damon cameo.”

7 Steve Carell in ‘Foxcatcher’

Steve Carell in Foxcatcher
Image via Sony Pictures

Even the fans see Steve Carell And think Office, Carell continues to prove that he is more than Michael Scott. Although it’s hard to imagine him in more serious roles when he created such iconic characters, Carell’s career is full of them. Foxcatcher For the first time a wider audience saw his serious side, believing that he could create his role.

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in Foxcatcher, Carell is unrecognizable for a couple of reasons – one is his prosthetic nose, but the other is his acting. Commenters on Reddit mention the film as a big surprise role for him. However, after several other mentions, including Big shortUser roboticbrady wrote: “At that point, I think people understand that he has many levels.

6 Matthew McConaughey in ‘True Detective’

Matthew McConaughey as Rustin Cohle looking intently in True Detective.
Image via HBO

Matthew McConaughey No wonder people like Rust Cohle because he typed – it was because of the great range he showed throughout. before A true detectiveMcConaughey starred in Dallas Buyers Club, earned him an Oscar. however, A true detective A modern cult classic and the first time a wide audience has seen McConaughey knock it out of the park, performance wise.

McConaughey has transformed public opinion from being an insincere actor to the most to watch. People connected with Rust Cohle, perhaps the first time anyone connected with his character. This may be the reason people love The stars Later and attached him to a bigger role. User HenroTee agreed, saying: “A true detective is what his career was built on.”

5 Ryan Gosling in ‘The Nice Guys’

Holland March smokes a cigarette while clinging to something in The Nice Guys.

Ryan Gosling Start as a heartthrob; The audience poured into him notebook, often praised him as the sexiest man alive. Then, in 2016, he acted in Beautiful people side by side Russell Crowe And shows why he is bigger than his pretty boy role. Gosling is hilarious beautiful people, with impeccable delivery and a physical sense of humor.

It seems, after Beautiful peopleGosling can accept his funny side and settle for a brave role (Ken in Barbie is the most recent example). User LivinDavideLoca had this to say about his performance in Beautiful people: “Can’t remember laughing as hard in a movie theater as I did in that bathroom. Amazing comedy.”

4 Robin Williams in ‘One Hour Picture’

Image via Fox Searchlight

world famous comedian, Robin Williamssurprised many after starring in a serious lead role One hour photo. He is a film developer who is obsessed with a family that brings in their films. This ambiguous role helps people see a more serious side of Williams. Fun fact to say, when the movie was aired Sundance FestivalThe audience did not notice Williams as the leader at first, which helped him break the mold.

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Commenter randomaccount178 said in the thread: “It’s unfortunate that people often don’t understand that the key to being a great comedian is not being a great comedian, but being a great actor.” Williams’ later performances in the David Fincher‘s Can’t sleep Give him a multi-purpose actor certificate.

3 Chris Evans in ‘Captain America’ and ‘The Avengers’

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in Avengers Infinity War
Image via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Chris Evans Someone else played cocky, self-confident guy at the time The Fantastic Four Make him an international star. In addition to the hate for that movie as a whole, Evans was typecast, which is why he was an unusual choice to play Captain America in his next turn. Wonderful Adventure. However, he turned out to be perfect for the role. Redditor legochemgrad agreed: “Most people have seen him play a bad guy. People don’t think he can play a really nice guy without hitting it.”

Evans leaned into Steve Rogers while staying true to himself; Rogers is simple and serious but charming nonetheless. After Cap, Evans can get more serious roles, such as in Snowpiercer, ice manAnd Red Sea Diving Resort.

2 Jim Carrey in ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’

Jim Carrey as Joel Barish whose memory is erased.

Similar to Robin Williams, people have never seen Jim Carrey Without expecting him to pull a funny face or gag. Being in that type of person all the time puts him in a box. Although he laughs a lot, Carrey impressed many people after starring in the beloved story. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

written by Charlie Kaufmann, Eternal Sunshine became more famous for being Carrey’s worst role. Although The Truman ShoW And The man on the moon As it happened, the audience (and possibly the studio) still found his best work limited to comedy. Redditor johnnytightlips2 expressed their opinion on the matter, adding: “Jim Carrey acting is better than Jim Carrey doing comedy.”

1 Heath Ledger in ‘The Dark Knight’

Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight
Image via Warner Bros

Heath Ledger is one of the most admired actors on Reddit. The Dark Knight There is a wide dedicated audience, but Ledger’s performance is Joker is what drives people off their feet. He brings dimension to the villain who is played with evil behavior and no clear motivation. He created a character that defines the love of many people TDK.

Ledger’s previous roles were serious, but some were not serious enough. Although he is fantastic in Brokeback MountainFunny about his casting TDK very scary; People (and the media) didn’t believe he could pull it off. Even Redditor LayzeeLar confessed: “Brokeback Batman will suck!” I eat those words. I suck.”

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