10 Popular TV Shows Fans Didn’t Watch, According to Reddit

The current golden age of television dazzles viewers, whether it’s dramas, thrillers or comedies. But the show’s popularity and demand can also lead to its downfall, as networks are keen to keep shows running for as long as possible. Many TV shows start off strong but slowly (and in some cases dramatically) lose their luster, either because of repetitive episodes, departing characters, or simply skipping the shark.

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For fans of shows like this, it’s a huge disappointment and a sad decision to stop watching altogether. Reddit user Avalon-1 posted on r/AskReddit (a forum with over 41 million users) asking “What TV shows have you given up?” The top-voted responses included some of the hottest sitcoms, crime shows, and thrillers of the past 25 years piece.

10 “Weeds” (2005-12)

weed mary louise parker picks
Image via Showtime

weeds is a movie about suburban housewife Nancy (Mary Louise Parker), recently became a widow. She began selling marijuana to support herself and her two sons, eventually rising through the ranks and leading a major international drug cartel. The play explores Nancy’s struggle to separate her illegal business from her family life.

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weeds It ran for eight seasons and 102 episodes, but some viewers lost interest in Nancy’s journey along the way. Swiss__Cheese discusses how they love the basic premise—soccer moms moonlight as drug dealers—but “after season three, that premise is gone.” Redditor derpman86 agrees, noting that “the whole piss of suburban life” is Hilarious, and “the show kind of goes silly when mom turns into a cartel queen”.

9 Dexter (2006-13)

Michael C. Hall,
Image via Warner Bros.

Dexter Morgan (michael hall) is a forensic tech by day and a serial killer by night. He hunts down and kills criminals who get away with crime, and carefully keeps his vigilante activities and sociopathic identity a secret.The series is adapted from the author’s novel jeff lindsayand broadcast eight seasons and 96 episodes.

season four Dexter Seeing the eponymous character chase the “Trinity Killer” was well received by audiences and critics alike. The final twist of the final episode involved the death of the main character, shocking regular viewers and fans alike. Reddit user PNWCoug42 said they found Dexter “After “Trinity Killer,” it’s hard to go back to the original state,” and Curious Kumquat believes that the upcoming season will not be able to fulfill the promise of the fourth season finale.

8 Suits (2011-19)

Actors in suits social function
The picture comes from the US network

Mike Ross (Patrick J Adams) is a secretive college dropout who works as a prominent legal assistant, a job he manages through his photographic memory. In collaboration with Senior Partner Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), Mike helped win multiple lawsuits and cases. Assisting them was paralegal Rachel Zane (meghan markle) and fellow attorney Lous Litt (Rick Hoffman).

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SuitIt ran for nine seasons and 134 episodes, which some Reddit users felt was too long. Taps1017 commented that “after seasons 3-4, the show became too repetitive”, while KarmaAndLies complained about “interpersonal bulls (definite) and dramatic shifts” Suit From a funny legal show to a soap opera”.

7 “The Big Bang Theory” (2007-19)

'The Big Bang Theory' Cast Casting Last Minutes
Image via CBS

Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) are two brilliant physicists, aka nerds, who share an apartment in California. Petunia’s arrival completely changed their lives (Kaley Cuoco), a beautiful and attractive actress (aka waitress) moved across the hall. HowardSimon Helberg), a geek aerospace engineer, and Raj (Kunal Neyal)a socially awkward astrophysicist.

big bang theory Aired 12 seasons with 279 episodes and achieved mainstream success. The show initially focused on the conflicted dynamic between Leonard and Penny, but ended up covering almost all of the main characters’ love interests. Reddit users agreed that this resulted in the show becoming too bland, losing the geek culture that made it interesting in the first place.

6 Family Guy (1999–)

The Griffin family gathers

Family Guy is an animated adult sitcom about the Griffin family, directed by Seth MacFarlane. Peter and Louise Griffin have two teenage children, Meg and Chris, and a toddler, Stevie (a articulate child genius). They also have a talking anthropomorphic pet dog, Brian.

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The long-running series has won eight Emmy Awards and has been widely successful, despite its often controversial storyline.But some Reddit users think Family Guy Running out of good ideas. SunsetPathfinder commented that “every episode is somehow the same, it’s just a waste of time”, while a now-deleted user complained about the tedious repetition: “When Peter gets hurt and takes about 2 air, They just start doing that kind of prank. Minutes.”

5 That ’70s Show (1998-2006)

The 1970s Show cast

that 70’s show is a period sitcom about the lives of six teenagers in the mid-70s, spanning eight seasons and 200 episodes.The cast includes several future stars, including aston kutcher as Michael, Mila Kunis as Jackie, and Topher Grace as Eric.

Reddit users lost interest in the show during the last season, and Nigre-Pigley described the addition of Randy (josh meyers) as “more than I can take”. Others are unhappy that Jackie ends up with Faith (Wilmer Valderrama) – In Kokum’s words, “this guy pestered her for seven years and she finally gave in and accepted”.

4 Under the Dome (2013-15)

Under the Dome Hentai Cravings Episode Images
Image via CBS

For the residents of Chester’s Mill, an ordinary day quickly turns into a nightmare as the entire town is trapped within a large, invisible dome.based on stephen king’s novel, under the dome Tells the story of a group of characters as they struggle to escape, adapt and ultimately survive inside the Dome.

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The show ran for three seasons and 39 episodes, which Reddit users thought was too long for the premise. NateDogTX commented: “It was supposed to last only one season…then it became a bit popular, so of course they had to make money by extending it for multiple seasons. It quickly became crap.”

3 Once Upon a Time (2011-18)

regina mills fairy tale town
Picture from ABC

A group of fairy tale characters, including Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin), Prince Charming (josh dallas) and pygmy dwarves (Robert Carlyle), living a normal, everyday life in a small town in Maine. Due to the curse of Snow White’s stepmother, the Evil Queen, they lost their past life memories or their true identities (Lana Parilla).

The curse was lifted at the end of the first season, but once Upon a timeContinued for another six seasons. This is where some Reddit users stopped watching, with Swiss__Cheese commenting that “Once the curse was lifted, the show seemed to lose everything it had”. MonkeyCatDog dropped season three, commenting “They lost me in Neverland…I just couldn’t hold on.

2 Arrow (2012-20)

arrow 0

Rich Kid Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) returns to Starling City five years after being shipwrecked on a remote island. Determined to stop crime and corruption, he became a night vigilante, first known as “The Hood” and later as “The Arrow”.Oliver’s sidekick (and ex-girlfriend) Laurel Lance joins him in the fightKatie Cassidy), also known as the Black Canary.

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arrowArrow, the adaptation of the DC superhero Arrow, was a huge success, running for eight seasons and 170 episodes. Reddit users complained that the storylines became contrived or repetitive, with LamboTimeMachine commenting that “everyone and their sisters start being superheroes. Annoying!” while drawnm916 said they “hate (Oliver) starting every few weeks with a new Girls in serious relationships. Breakups with girls, major drama, new relationships, repetitions.”

1 The Walking Dead (2010-22)

walking dead

Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimesandrew lincoln) woke up from a coma to find a zombie apocalypse sweeping the world. He becomes the leader of a group of uninfected in Atlanta who fight not only zombies, but other desperate and merciless survivors as well.

walking dead Eleven seasons and 177 episodes aired, which was too long for many Reddit users. The plot becomes formulaic and predictable. Others stopped watching after their favorite characters passed away, while Hardforwork commented that “the show aired (clearly) after Shane (Joe Bernthal) death”. Many Reddit users were outraged by the faked death of fan favorite Glen (steven yuan) in season six, Detroit_debauchery commented “I quit after dumpster crash. So (explicit) insult.”

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