10 Movies That Have Franchise Potential, Says Reddit

One of the best ways to attract and keep moviegoers engaged is to provide them with interesting characters and relatable scenes that generate sympathy. However, a great plot is certainly a crucial factor; sometimes, a film’s story is so well told and its worldview so compelling and effectively constructed that viewers can’t help but wonder about its potential, including if the narrative takes several different Direction, what would it look like if the universe also expanded.

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Due to the meticulous attention to detail, which often includes three-dimensional characters and set/costume design, independent films can sometimes feel like part of something larger.from chronicle arrive Master and Commandera Reddit user thinks the films still have a lot to say.

10 Chronicle (2012)

Alex Russell, Michael B. Jordan, Dane DeHaan in Chronicle
Image via 20th Century Studio

starring Dane DeHaan, Michael B. Jordan, and alex russell as the main clue, chronicle is a sci-fi action drama that revolves around three high school students who gain superpowers after discovering an alien energy source. Needless to say, they find their lives turned upside down and their relationship tested.

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Luckily for fans of the 2012 film, including Drew Mather, who said they “would love it” if they found a second installment, chronicle actually got a very well deserved sequel.Also, when another user mentioned push In another comment, daboot013 admitted Josh TrankThe film “might belong in that world too” in a way.

9 The Last Action Hero (1993)

Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Last Action Hero
Image via Columbia Pictures

exist last action hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger Bringing to life a (you guessed it) action hero. When young cinephile Danny Madigan (austin o’brien) gets tickets to Jack Slater’s latest movie, and he ends up being teleported into the world of his favorite screen star and teams up with him to fight evil.

When a Reddit user was asked “Are there any independent films that don’t have sequels that make you feel like they’re part of a larger series,” securedlife couldn’t resist mentioning John McTiernan movie, describing it as “ahead of its time.”

8 The Good Guys (2016)

Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

this ryan gosling and Russell CroweThe leading hilarious action-comedy is guaranteed to keep viewers’ eyes glued to the screen as it provides viewers with an engaging, action-packed and humorous narrative.inside Shane Black This fan-favorite film takes audiences back to 1970s Los Angeles as two private eye partners at odds investigate the disappearance of a girl and the death of an adult film star.

To the Three Dragons of the Mist, nice guy “I really thought it should be made into a TV show or something,” they explained. “Even though it’s a movie, it definitely has the energy of the pilot (in a good way).” Other users and fans around the world thought it was worth following. In fact, there’s been speculation that it’s happening – according to The Digital Fix, the director revealed he’s open to making more films.

7 Bright (2017)

Will Smith and Joel Edgerton in
Image via Netflix

LAPD Officer Dayl Ward is set in an alternate Los Angeles where humans live alongside orcs and elves.Will Smith) is a human policeman who, along with the first orc officer (Joel Edgerton) to find a powerful wand and protect it from a horde of evil creatures.

brightis one of Netflix’s biggest titles ever, so it’s no surprise that Smith will reprise his role with the streaming service initially developing a sequel (as announced in January 2018). But it was eventually canceled. Still, users on Reddit were eager to see more of the film. “For me, the best part bright It’s the world,” commented the Death Lord.

6 Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

Rosa Salazar as Alita
Image via 20th Century Studio

Robert Rodriguezhighest grossing movie, Alita, was well received by the audience. Set several years in the future, this tale of self-discovery follows the protagonist, a dead cyborg, back to life and follows Alita’s quest to find her own origin.

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According to Pav40, “AlitaWithout a doubt, it’s one of those films that deserves a sequel, and filmmaker Robert Rodriguez seems to agree, as the ambitious action-adventure is apparently as rave as fans of the film have in an interview with Collider’s Spread the word about the idea. Steve Weintraub. “Rodriguez has always wanted to make a sequel,” Zuziger replied on the platform. “The sequel is definitely better than the first.”

5 “Vive Bakalu’s Adventures Across the Eighth Dimension” (1984)

The Cast of
Image via 20th Century Studio

Movies with very, very long titles have Long Live Bakalu Adventures Through the Eighth Dimensiona 1980s sci-fi comedy-adventure about the discoveries of brain surgeon, rock musician and adventurer Buckaroo Banzai (peter weller) and his crime-fighting team named the Hong Kong Knights to stop an evil alien invader.

User Historyguy1 did give a full look at things in a Reddit post: “Imagine a future where we lose all of the MCU movies except Age of Ultron,” they wrote when someone mentioned the movie’s potential. “This is Long live Bukalu feel like. An intermediate entry in a franchise that doesn’t exist. “

4 Minority Report (2002)

Tom Cruise in Minority Report (2002)
Image via 20th Century Fox

directed by greats steven spielberg and based on philip dickthe puzzling novella of the same name, minority report Star Tom Cruise lead role. It presents viewers with a futuristic world in 2045 AD where crimes can be predicted and murderers apprehended before they commit crimes. Things start to go sour, however, when Officer John Anderton himself is charged with Future Murder.

Great Movies of 2002 According to TeamStark31It feels like it could be part of something bigger. “There seems to be a vast future world of which we’ve only seen parts, and if they continue, there are plenty of moral implications to be seen in other stories,” they wrote. “Considering the thrashing of the tone, one even argues Whether the ending was real. Just felt like there was more to see.”

3 District 9 (2009)

A close-up of the aliens in
Image via Sony Pictures Group

science fiction thriller ninth District It tells the story of an alien race that suddenly descends on Earth. They were forced into the slums of South Africa, where they were exploited and imprisoned simultaneously.

With an engaging storyline and impressive CGI, it’s no surprise neilBlomkampspecialtyActually a fan favorite, and SrbBrb, who wrote “fucking district 9,Excitement is unabashed. The good news is that the director confirmed in February 2021 that a sequel is in development. The bad news is that there have been very few updates since then.

2 The Fifth Element (1997)

Leeloo Dallas from
Picture from EMI

This colorful sci-fi classic centers on a taxi driver (Bruce Willis) accidentally became a player looking for cosmic weapons to save the earth. Given the film’s popularity, it’s no wonder some fans want to see what happens next.

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“Give me more,” Alaska_Pipeliner demands on the site. “Prequel or sequel. Or (a Ruby Lord spinoff).” Despite fifth Element 2 It was supposed to happen (via MovieWeb), but the project didn’t progress.

1 Lord and Commander: The Other Side of the World (2003)

Russell Crowe, The Master and the Commander
Image via 20th Century Studio

starring Russell Crowe, peter weirof Master and Commander Set during the Napoleonic Wars, this action-adventure drama centers on a British captain who pushes his ships and men to the absolute limit in pursuit of a mighty French battleship around South America.

According to QLE814, it is, in fact, an adaptation of a novel in the middle of the series (by Patrick O’Brien) “plays an important role” and feels like it should be part of a larger franchise. Alive_Ice7937, on the other hand, disagreed, stating that they were actually “glad we didn’t make a sequel. That movie was a full window on that ‘little wooden world’ and there was really no need to see more.”

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