10 Movies Like ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ That Show a Greater Universe

It’s fair to say that no other movie can directly compare to it 2001: A Space Odyssey. As a work of sci-fi, it’s too unique and unique to be fully replicated, and it’s made by one of the greatest filmmakers of all time: stanley kubrick. Spanning from the beginning of time to an incomprehensible future, it charts the evolution of humans from prehistoric apes to beings capable of exploring the furthest reaches of space and beyond.

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While it may not be able to replicate, there are other films that have similar elements, or were inspired in some way by Kubrick’s 1968 film. Other sci-fi films that explore humanity, space travel, and the future of humanity in thought-provoking, contemplative ways end up hitting a similar tone, while themselves being compelling space adventures of a different kind.For anyone looking for a movie like 2001: A Space Odysseythe following titles are worth a look.

10 Solaris (1972)

Donatas Banjonis in the middle of a Solaris flower field
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Of all the sci-fi films released since 2001: A Space Odyssey, Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1972 meditation film Solaris Perhaps the most direct comparability. The story centers on a psychologist who is sent to the space station to investigate a mysterious illness that seems to affect everyone there, but who himself experiences intense personal and psychological changes upon arrival.

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Tarkovsky himself has publicly stated that he did not think much of it 2001: A Space Odysseyto put it mildly, this makes Solaris He can be seen trying to do the same with an ambitious, lengthy, slow-paced sci-fi film 2001. Ultimately, both films explore humanity in space, and there are certainly similarities in pacing and thematic content, both films are challenging yet rewarding films that demand the viewer’s full attention while watching.

9 Interstellar (2014)

Matthew McConaughey in

interstellar It’s one of the longest sci-fi films of all time, at 11 minutes, less than three hours.that certainly makes it an epic Christopher Nolan Arguably his most ambitious yet, the film’s premise is that explorers use wormholes to find new planets for humans to inhabit, while Earth is slowly dying.

It’s undeniably snappier, more dynamic, and faster-paced than in previous games. 2001: A Space Odyssey, but its final scene takes a certain twist that feels a bit like the finale of a Kubrick film.Both films push humanity to its limits, though interstellaran even more desperate journey as Earth becomes increasingly uninhabitable.

2010 is the year we contact
Image via MGM/UA Entertainment Co.

2010: The Year We Touched is the sequel 2001: A Space Odyssey, and one more weird/unexpected one. If you’d be forgiven for thinking that the 1968 original didn’t really leave room for a sequel, you’d be right. therefore, year 2010 Eliminates most of the ambiguity and otherworldly awe 2001 The final scene, must state the facts about what happened in the psychedelic finale of the film.

It feels like it takes away some of the magic as a result, and those looking for something similarly obscure and haunting may be disappointed by the more straightforward storytelling year 2010. However, if viewed with an open mind, it does take things in an interesting direction, and certainly has something to do with the first…it’s just not too dramatic or groundbreaking.

7 Star Trek: The Movie (1979)

star trek movie wormhole
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first theatrical release Star Trek The movie comes about a decade after the original series aired on television. It has a decidedly (and expectedly) increased budget and feels more cinematic than any film before it, sending the crew of the starship Enterprise on a mission to deep space to check for a wave of Mystical and destructive power.

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after Star Trek The movie certainly became more action-packed, but the original Movie It’s a more patiently paced movie that focuses on the wonders and mysteries of space, rather than using the location for huge action sequences.This results in some scenes very reminiscent of parts of the film 2001especially when the spacecraft is floating gently in space.

6 “Interstellar Exploration” (2019)

interstellar exploration

if anything, interstellar exploration admittedly more similar to the novella heart of darkness than it does 2001: A Space Odyssey, at least on the surface. It tells the story of an astronaut sent on a journey into the cold and unforgiving far reaches of space to find out why previous expeditions got lost and where they went.

The mission is ultimately a high-stakes one, with the future of Earth hanging in the balance.that’s all interstellar exploration Very ambitious, but also beautiful, unpredictable, and quite scary, with certain sequences reminiscent of some of the film’s more tense and unsettling moments. 2001like all the things involving HAL 9000, or the part where the boulder was found on the moon.

5 Prometheus (2012)

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: Prometheus Flaws it may be, but it’s still a really good sci-fi/adventure movie Ridley Scott.It’s a prequel to Ridley Scott’s 1979 film alienbut the overall feel is different, and at least initially the plot is about discovery rather than a fight for survival.

It is the search for human origins in the depths of space that provides at least the first half. Prometheus some similarities 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the way the film explores humanity, albeit with a focus on its future.sequel Prometheus alien contract – on the other hand, brings the series back to something that feels more comparable to the first alienagain emphasizing horror and survival.

4 “AI Artificial Intelligence” (2001)

A robot talks to David in AI artificial intelligence.
Image via Warner Bros.

unfortunately, artificial intelligence artificial intelligence came out that year 2001: A Space Odyssey Has been set. The film’s pre-production history also involves Stanley Kubrick’s involvement, as he’d wanted to make the film for years but ended up handing the script to someone who was somewhat reluctant. steven spielberg In 1995, he himself died in 1999.

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Spielberg made the movie the way Kubrick might have, about a robot boy programmed to love but aspire to be fully human, though it still feels like a Spielberg movie. Stylistically, it’s a cross between the two directors, meaning it’s one of the closest Kubrick fans will get to another big-budget, futuristic sci-fi flick following Kubrick’s successor. 2001.

3 Arrival (2016)

Image via Paramount Pictures

year before release blade runner sequel, Denis Villeneuve guiding arriveThis is a quiet, low-key, characterful and emotional sci-fi movie. It tells the story of how humans react to alien spacecraft landing on Earth, and a language expert hired by the military to understand the purpose of the people on the spacecraft.

A (peaceful) alien invasion movie with a thoughtful and somewhat psychological approach, again with a focus on discovery and understanding rather than violence. 2001: A Space Odyssey also involves interactions with new, incomprehensible beings from elsewhere in the universe, so while arrive Set against the Earth, so there are similarities.

2 Stalker (1979)

Stalker - 1979

seven years later SolarisAndrei Tarkovsky Made Another Haunting, Slow-Pace, Epic-Length Sci-Fi Film stalker. The story tells the story of three men who travel to dangerous regions in search of a place known only as “The Zone” because they believe reaching it will bring them anything they want or want to know.

They may not be traveling to outer space, but their journey to find “The Zone” takes them into some very strange and otherworldly areas that are just as eerie. It’s a film that takes time, each viewer has room for interpretation, and, in those limited ways, captures similar longings. 2001: A Space Odyssey.

1 High Life (2018)

A young girl dons an astronaut suit in High Life

luxury lifestyle It’s an unusual and often confronting sci-fi movie, and it certainly won’t be to everyone’s liking. The story follows the last two survivors of a spacecraft sent to explore the outer reaches of the solar system, and how they fight to survive by avoiding being sucked into a black hole.

Although the first half 2001: A Space Odyssey The film makes space travel awe-inspiring, and the second half of the film touches on the potential horrors of space, and this fear of the unknown is emphasized even more in the film. luxury lifestyle.released half a century later 2001which shows that, after all these years, humans are still fascinated and at the same time terrified by the immensity of outer space.

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