10 Forgotten Movies Reddit Users Loved, From ‘Last Night’ to ‘The Dutchman’

While movies are often able to engrave their legacy in audiences’ minds for years, this isn’t always the case. However, technical elements such as a great script and talented actors make the movie stand out. Sometimes they don’t reach enough to make a mark on viewers, don’t have great marketing, get overshadowed by other events, or just fade away over time with nowhere to air.

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Viewers on Reddit were quick to share their opinions when asked which were their “true forgotten movies you liked,” even commenting that some of the best films have been forgotten.from last night arrive Dutchusers love these ten forgotten gems.

10 The Last Night (1999)

The Last Night (1999)
Image via Alliance Atlantis Communications

in this deeply rooted Don McKellar In the film, an extremely diverse group of people come together with different perspectives on coping with the impending doom, which is predicted to end within six hours of the turn of the century.

On the platform, an invisible rabbit thinks this entertaining film deserves more attention, and many agree. “Movies released around the same time as Armageddon Deep impression and doomsday, but shows the (solar?) end of the world from the point of view of snarky, fucking twentysomethings in Toronto,” they explain. “Great movie, not released on (Blu-ray) nor streamed anywhere. “

9 Lucky Number Slavin (2006)

Lucy Liu and Josh Hartnett in
Image via MGM

directed by Paul McGeeganThis 2006 crime drama that audiences loved (and critics hated) portrayed a huge misconception: josh harnettMistakenly identified, Slavin finds himself embroiled in a conflict orchestrated by two of the city’s most vehemently opposed crime bosses, and he needs to catch them before they catch him.

“This is hilarious,” wrote one now-deleted account, explaining what made the film so compelling. “That’s usually why I watch movies.” This entertaining flick delivers just the right amount of thrilling action, making it an impressive movie of its kind, and sure to keep viewers on edge.

8 “Once Upon a Time Twice” (1983)

Image via The Ladd Company

Funny animated action-adventure film from 1983 once twicedirected by john coty and charles swensona madman trying to give everyone nightmares must be stopped by two aspiring heroes and their companions.

“It’s a weird movie that a lot of people don’t know about,” Penxter began, before mentioning the movie and giving users a brief synopsis. “I forgot about it. I remember seeing it in an almost empty theater when it came to my town,” one user replied. “I thought I was the only one who remembered this,” Rotomengler added.

7 Big Trouble (2002)

Big Trouble (2002)
Image via The Walt Disney Studios

Adapted from the Pulitzer Prize Winner Dave Barrybest selling first slapstick comedy novel big troubleThe show, which premiered in April 2002, follows the lives of several Miami residents as a series of events begin with the arrival of a mysterious suitcase.

On the platform, one user explained that the movie wasn’t getting enough publicity “because it was supposed to be released around 9/11”. They also described it as “a very funny movie to quote,” and apparently, others agreed: “I can’t drive into the airport without saying ok we want to arrive for our vacation, but we also want to leave,” Relaxitschris commented.

6 Enemy Landmines (1985)

Enemy Landmines (1985)
Image via 20th Century Studio

starring dennis quaidthis Wolfgang Peterson This 1985 action-adventure film is set in a space war between humans and bipedal reptilian humanoids.exist enemy minesThe ability to forgive and trust is put to the test as it is vital to the survival of two wounded foes.

“I haven’t seen it since it came out, and it was pretty quickly forgotten by most people,” said Japrunqvist, adding that the movie really stuck with them, “because of the some themes”. Dreadnought13 also expressed some love for the film, saying they watched it repeatedly as kids and still have “lots of great memories”.

5 The Snake and the Rainbow (1988)

The Snake and the Rainbow (1988)
Image via Universal Pictures

With tons of overwhelming special effects, snake and rainbow is a 1988 horror film Wes coward Centered on anthropologist Dennis Alan (bill pullman) he flies to a war-torn country to investigate the deadly mystery of a voodoo drug that is used in rituals to turn victims into living zombies.

In Kronick Field’s words, the film has been described as “an absolute shit that no one remembers”. While this movie might not be to everyone’s liking, it blends the different concepts of zombies and religion with interesting results.it was inspired by Wade davis (Scientists investigating Haitian voodoo society) Book.

4 Arlington Road (1999)

Arlington Road (1999)
Image via Universal Pictures

in the distorted and underrated Arlington Road, jeff bridgesStill mourning the death of his wife, Michael Faraday begins to grow suspicious of his neighbors; he fears that they are not what they seem, and that their dark secret could be deadly.

The scientist’s choice is Mark Pellington The film was released “after the wave of violence and terrorism involving right-wing militias in the United States in the mid-90s”. On the platform, users rated the feature as “an excellent thriller,” although it appears to have “fallen into obscurity.”

3 Highway (1996)

Highway (1996)
Image via Republic Pictures

Writer and Director Matthew bright, highway Star reese witherspoon and Kiefer Sutherland As the protagonist, follow young Vanessa Lutz in search of her estranged grandmother. After school counselor Bob Wolverton gives her a ride, she begins to suspect he is a notorious killer.

murphmeister75 recommends it on the site: “Reese Witherspoon and Kiefer Sutherland retold Little Red Riding Hood in a modern way. I’m always surprised it didn’t make a splash.” “Great movie, but (just content) it’s too adult to be a hit movie. Still, it’s definitely a cult classic,” added Rydia_Bahamut_85.

2 “Survival in the Game” (1994)

Picture from New Line Cinema

in an action movie survive the gameHomeless Mason (Ice-T) heard about a job offer as a hunting guide for a group of wealthy clients and took the job. What he didn’t expect was that things had changed dramatically: he was the one being hunted down.

According to Illini Hiking, game survival Really one of those really bad but good movies. “I know I’ve heard of it. It’s a bad movie that’s well made and definitely worth watching,” the user commented.

1 The Dutchman (1991)

The Dutchman (1991)
Image via 20th Century Studio

peter feynmanof Dutch tells the story of a man (Ed O’Neal) offered to pick up his girlfriend’s (Natalie standish) son(Ethan Embry) from prep school so he might get to know him, but it turns out the boy wasn’t the best.

“This movie is pretty much forgotten by most people and never actually saw it play online. I loved watching it over Thanksgiving when I was a kid,” said a now-deleted account, but only realized later Many people feel the same way. “Last year I looked everywhere for it and couldn’t find it. It’s a great movie,” replied CoffeeHead112.

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