10 Classic Western TV Shows That Still Last, According to Reddit

Before the day of Yellowstone And reasonable, There are classic shows such as Gun smoke, The Rifleman, And Maverick that created the popularity of the genre on television. Western shows were initially aimed at younger audiences, but with the explosion of television in the late 1940s, westerns quickly became an important genre on the small screen for a series of adults that produced impressive shows including Wagon train And Virginia.

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Thanks to compilations, most of these classic Western series can still be enjoyed today and continue to be popular among fans. According to the good people on Reddit, some shows like it Want to die or live, Show Steve McQueen, and a set of symbols Bonanza, Still held today as a solid Western suit.

10 ‘With Gun-Will Travel’ (1957-1963)

Richard Boone stands outside the van in Have Gun-Will Travel
Image via CBS

Richard Boone The star is a white knight, Paladin, who lives as a partner in San Francisco as a sophisticated businessman and skilled gun for hire. While the recruiter charges hefty fees to his wealthy clients, he doesn’t want payments from those who are too poor to pay for his services but desperately need his help.

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Redditor We-Don’t-Rent-Pigs rank There is Gun-Will Travel One of their all-time favorite old school westerns that they still enjoy re-watching today. Along with starring in the series, Boone also directed 28 episodes, and wrote several major hits, including Mission impossible the creator Bruce Geller And Star Trekthe creator Gene Roddenberry. There is Gun-Will Travel It was also one of the first Western television programs to produce a successful radio program.

9 ‘The Rifleman’ (1958 – 1963)

Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford in The Rifleman
Image via ABC

Shortly after the death of his wife, Lucas McCain (Chuck Connors), a Civil War veteran and rancher, with his son, Mark (Johnny Crawford), moved from Oklahoma to a small town in New Mexico for a new start. As McCain raises Mark as a single father, he protects them and their new home from dangerous criminals and cruel bullies.

The Rifleman It is the first show that shows a child raised by a single parent and shows A series of interesting guest stars, incl Agnes Moorehead, Lee Van Cleef, And Dennis Hopper. Compared to other western sets, The Rifleman It is one of the few things that adults and children can enjoy together and cultivate the importance of family values ​​and second chances that are still relevant today, and it is a demonstration of many users in the topic guide.

8 ‘Maverick’ (1957-1962)

James Garner standing in front of the horse with his gun drawn on Maverick
Image via ABC

Brett (James Garner), Bart (Jack Kelly)bel (Roger Moore), and Brent (Robert Colbertt) Maverick is a group of sharp-dressed brothers who prefer to make a living by gambling rather than making their favorite clothes by working legitimately. While the Maverick boys never go out looking for trouble, they are never afraid to face it and protect others who cannot protect themselves.

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Maverick A comedy series starring Garner as the charming Bret Maverick, who makes a living living with poker games and high-stakes tournaments: two users in the title recommend this show to other series. Garner reprized his role with Kelly in the 1978 made-for-TV movie, The New Maverickand the 1981 series Bret Maverick. In 1994, Garner starred alongside Mel Gibson And Jodie Foster In the film adaptation series by the same name with Marshal Zane Cooper sly.

7 Bonanza (1959-1973)

The actors of Bonanza posing, all wearing cowboy hats.

Wealthy rancher Ben Cartwright (Lorne Greene) lives on a multi-thousand acre estate known as Ponderosa in Nevada near Lake Tahoe with his three sons; Adam (Pernell Roberts), hs (Dan Blocker), and Little Joe (Michael Landon). As a widower tries to raise his son as best he can, they face moral dilemmas as they navigate the unpredictable wild west.

NBC’s longest-running western series, Bonanza, is a classic mentioned by many Reddit users, including Redditor Automatic-Beach-5552, who still watches the show regularly. Viewers also appreciated the series for its intense drama to lighthearted comedy that tackled social issues, such as racism, from a sympathetic perspective rarely seen on American television at the time.

6 ‘Want to die or live’ (1958-1961)

Steve McQueen laying on his stomach with his gun drawn in Wanted Dead or Alive
Image via CBS

Steve McQueen stars as Civil War veteran and bounty hunter Josh Randall, who travels across the American West in search of outlaws. While his bread and butter is catching dangerous fugitives, Randall also spends his time helping others with domestic and social problems without charging them. The show was recommended by user Diseman81.

McQueen presented his signature style of cool in Western wear, Want to die or live, which ended up being the actor’s breakout role. Viewers are drawn to Josh Randall’s noble desire for justice over fortune. While the series only ran for three seasons, it made McQueen one of the first television actors to become a major and successful movie star.

5 ‘Poetry Train’ (1957-1965)

Ward Bond and Robert Horton roll down the field in a wagon train
Image via NBC

Train is a unique Western style that follows Ward Bond As Captain Seth Adams, the leader of a large train from Missouri to California. Throughout the journey, Adams and his spies get to know the passengers and others they meet along the way.

Credit Redditor Keltik Wagon train It is a generally well-made series that is recognized for its appearances by famous movie stars such as: Bette Davis, Ronald Reagan, And Joseph Cotten. A favor to Bond, the legendary director John Ford directed a segment of the show in the 1960s, including various members of Ford’s stock company, incl. Both western stars that are symbols. John Wayne.

4 ‘Cheyenne’ (1955-1963)

Clint Walker in the TV series Cheyenne
Image via ABC

Nice ruggedly Clint Walker star in the first hour western series, Cheyenne, as Cheyenne Bodie, a lonely cowboy and vigilante orphaned as a child and raised by American Indians. Bodie travels through the American West and spends time doing different jobs and adventures in different towns while providing his own Frontier justice.

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Reddit user, Theblackswapper1, rated Cheyenne At the top of their list, calling it a true gem of the Western series. Before the show, Walker had little acting experience, but his large body shape and good looks won him the casting that made him the lead. The series premiered within the week Gun smoke and was a breakout hit that set the standard for Western television.

3 ‘The Virginian’ (1962 – 1971)

James Drury stands next to Doug McClure and Sara Lane in The Virginian
Image via NBC

In the territory of Wyoming, a mysterious man known only as The Virginian (James Drury) work his friend, Trampas (Doug McClure) and Steve (Gary Clark), is the foreman of the Shiloh Ranch, where he tries to keep a low profile and lead a simple life. Despite his best efforts and intentions, he soon has to enforce law and order in the small town of Medicine Bow.

NBC West, Virginia, is popular among both male and female audiences, and according to user ashjones, the performance of Drury’s acting and acting dreams still holds up today. This series is based on the 1902 Western novel, The Virginian: Horseman of the Plains by Owen Wilsonwhich was previously adapted into several films of the same name.

2 ‘Rawhide’ (1959-1965)

Clint Eastwood in Rawhide
Image via CBS

Eric Fleming star in the west, Rawhide As boss Gil Favor, lead a cattle drive from San Antonio, Texas, to Sedalia, Kansas. Along the way, Favor and his men are faced with many challenges and must work together if they hope to reach their final destination alive.

Rawhide Widely known for its iconic theme song and starring role as a future Western star and Oscar-winning director. Clint Eastwood. Redditor Resident_Extreme366, thinks no one can go wrong with Rawhide Today, and has an all-star lineup of guest appearances including Barbara Stanwyck, Dean Martin, And Peter LorreIt’s easy to see why it’s a safe bet for Western wear.

1 ‘Gunsmoke’ (1955-1975)

Saloon owner Kitty with other characters in the TV show Gunsmoke.

1955 series, Gun smokeMainly in Western television, starring James Arness As United States Marshal Matt Dillon, who tries to maintain law and order in Dodge City, Kansas, during the settlement of the American West. With the help of the owner of the saloon, Kitty (Amanda Blake), and friend, Doc Adams (Milburn Stone), Dillon protects the city from being overrun by outlaws and gunslingers.

Gun smoke It was originally a popular radio show since 1952 and is the longest running western series in history with 20 seasons. The show began with half-hour episodes, which Redditor Keltik said were some of the best westerns they’d ever seen, before moving on to full-hour episodes in 1962. Several Reddit users mentioned. Gun smoke A top western series that is very enjoyable.

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