10 best quotes ‘Sex and the City’, ranked

Gender and city is one of HBO’s crown jewels. Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin DavisAnd Cynthia Nixon Starring in a show about a sex writer and her best friend navigating life, sex, and love in New York City.

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Congratulations for his sharp and witty writing, Gender and city An inspiration to all young writers. Carrie’s witty, insightful speech offers many pearls of wisdom, as well as memorable quotes from other characters. Whether it’s funny, sad, sad, or hopeful, these lines are among them Gender and cityMost memorable, earning its place as one of HBO’s best-written shows.

10 “Charlotte is Brunette, Miranda is Redhead, and Samantha is Trouble.”

Sex women and city lokking confused.

Mr. Big is one Gender and cityThe most controversial aspect of the. Many people love him, and others absolutely hate him. Carrie’s evil. Big is always elusive and distant, never wanting to get too close to Carrie’s world. However, sometimes he compromises, especially about her friends.

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This quote, which Big uses to prove that he knows who Carrie’s friend is, shows a funny side to him that rarely comes out. It is also a good, although simple, description of the girl; His reference to Samantha as “the problem” is especially funny, proving that he cares about Carrie’s world, even if he doesn’t show it.

9 “Hello, my name is perfect”

Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones smiles in 'Sex & the City'
Image via HBO

Samantha Jones is Gender and cityThe secret weapon of. Kim CattrallThe performance of the confident, sexually liberated, and steadfastly loyal PR professional received rave reviews and a legion of devoted and supportive fans who won her the true star of the show.

This quote perfectly illustrates Samantha’s philosophy. She is someone who does not think too much or is too complicated. Samantha is strong and self-confident, comfortable in her own skin, and cares little about what anyone thinks of her. Many people wish they could be as confident as Samantha, but she is kind.

8 “I like my money where I can see it – hanging in my closet”

Carrie smiles while holding a hat on her head in Sex and the City-1

There are shows and movies perfect for fashionistas, and then there are Gender and city. The series redefined what fashion on television could look like, pushing the boundaries and inspiring one woman to dress outside the box and buy Manolo Blahniks.

Carrie Bradshaw lives and breathes fashion; She once claimed that she used to buy Vogue instead of dinner because it “fed (her) more.” Therefore, this quote perfectly describes Carrie’s personality; In fact, the famous writer is all about the label, spending her money on design and giving up other luxuries – like rent. One famous story has her in danger of losing her apartment despite spending $40,000 on shoes.

7 “I have a baby. Jig is up.”

Steve and Miranda get married on Sex and the City

Miranda Hobbes is Gender and cityLazy villagers. She does not believe in romance or tradition, embodying a modern woman who gives importance to her career rather than looking for a man. Miranda is smart and down to earth; Compliments don’t work with this high-powered lawyer.

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When married to Steve, Miranda chose a burgundy dress. She rejected the traditional white, claiming she didn’t want anything that said “Virgin” because “November is up.” It’s a clever yet fresh line, delivered perfectly without being unbelievable Cynthia Nixon. Most importantly, it represents Miranda to a tee, painting her as someone who will not change herself to fit society’s standards.

6 “Friendship never goes out of style”

Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha laughing for a photo in Sex and the City
Image via HBO

Yes Gender and city The girls have one of the best friendships on TV. Carrie loves and values ​​her bond with Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte more than anything else, using them as emotional support and, as she sarcastically puts it, “meal tickets” – their sexual and romantic experiences are the main content for Carrie’s column.

However, despite Carrie’s famously selfish personality, she truly and deeply loves her friends. Carrie often emphasizes the importance of having friends in one’s life and is not blind to the fact that she would be in a very dark place if not for her three friends, who are always there to pick her up when she falls.

5 “Maybe some women don’t mean to be beaten”

Carrie burns the cheek of the big thing in Sex and the City

Mr. Big and Carrie have one of TV’s most toxic relationships. The two have broken up and reunited several times throughout the franchise, though the breakup in season 2, after his bond with Natasha, is the most memorable, mainly because it should have stuck.

After much thought and pain, Carrie realizes that Big is not for her and says goodbye, considering his attitude and detachment does not match the nature of her chaos. This quote, in which Carrie describes herself as a free spirit looking for someone “like nature to run with”, is thoughtful and beautiful. Carrie has always been a very lively person, and while her relationship with Big is unique, their dynamic repeatedly proves that he is too protective for someone like her.

4 “I want to enjoy my success, not apologize for it”

Image via HBO

Ever the professional woman, Miranda enjoys the benefits of her prestigious job: she is the first girl to buy an apartment and lead a stable independent life. Miranda works harder than other girls, spends 80 hours a week and puts her personal life second to her career.

When she starts dating Steve, there is a clear imbalance between their income and lifestyle, which causes problems in the relationship. However, Miranda speaks the truth with this statement, which shows the struggle that successful women in their careers have when dating men who earn less than them. Fortunately, Steve learns to shine on his own, thus allowing Miranda to maintain her successful, ambitious, and powerful self.

3 “I love you too Richard, but I love me more”

Image via HBO

Samantha has had two serious relationships throughout Gender and city. The first is with wealthy hotelier Richard Wright, her male partner who enjoys casual sex and leads a glamorous, carefree life. The two begin a serious relationship that ends when he cheats on her, and though they reconcile, Samantha never trusts him again.

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Although Richard tried his best, Samantha began to doubt everything and second-guess his every word. Knowing that there is no way to live and not willing to be the jealous, possessive type, Samantha does the healthy thing and destroys the relationship. Her parting words with Richard are probably the most inspiring and empowering Gender and cityMake Samantha’s place as the best character of the show.

2 “Maybe we can be each other’s Soulmates”

The main character from Sex and the City walks down the street and laughs.

Carrie Bradshaw is a very flawed character, but her commitment to her three best friends is undeniable. The powerful and emotional reason behind their strong bond is that they don’t see each other as just friends but soul mates, as Charlotte puts it, with the men being “these great, beautiful men to have fun with.”

Gender and city is, arguably, the first show to deal with the idea that a soulmate is not necessarily a romantic partner; Friends can be soulmates because the love they share is right and true. Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte are always there for each other, and their bond is stronger than anything they share with anyone else—at least until the revival.

1 “Some refuse to settle for anything less than a butterfly.”

Charlotte, Samantha, and Carrie smile at the club in Sex and the City

As a famous and highly successful writer, Carrie enjoys music about life, love, and heartache. Her detailed comparisons are sometimes grand, sometimes baffling, and almost always memorable. However, this reflection from the last season 5 may be her best.

Carrie ponders the people in her life and the curious and sometimes confusing choices they make. “Some settle, some settle, and some refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies.” It’s a beautiful, profound, perfectly captured thought. Gender and cityThe essence of. Life is about choices, and while it may sometimes seem like time is running out, there is always a chance to find the butterfly.

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