10 Best Performances in Steven Soderbergh Movies, Ranked

Steven Soderbergh Clearly one of those filmmakers that actors just love to work with. Soderbergh changed the nature of independent film distribution forever with his debut Sex, lies, and videos Received the Palme d’Or award at the Cannes Film Festival, and since then, it seems that everyone in Hollywood wants his good side.

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Soderbergh has more than thirty film credits to his name, and several excellent television shows, including Full circle, experience fans, And Odd. Here are the 10 best performances in Steven Soderbergh’s movies, ranked.

10 Zazie Beetz – ‘Birds That Fly High’

Zazie Beetz birds fly high

Soderbergh has always had fun experimenting with different forms of film distribution, and not surprisingly, he was one of the first major filmmakers to take advantage of the streaming era. Ironically (or perhaps because of Soderbergh’s imagination), his first Netflix film A bird that flies high is about the artistic and ethical parameters of broadcast content.

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The film explores sports agent Ray Burke’s (Andre Holland) tried to find work for his contract players during the NBA lockout, but it was Zazie Beetz Acting as his overworked assistant steals the movie.

9 Zoe Kravitz – ‘Kimi’

A blue haired mixed race woman is looking at the camera

In this modern update on a Rear window story, Zoe Kravitz It stars as Angela Childs, a data monitor for a smart speaker company who is confined to her home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When she learns that one of the files she’s been tracking points to past criminal activity, Angela decides to delve into her employer’s records to see if there’s more she can do to help. Kravitz is essentially the only one on the screen for the most part KimiAnd it’s a testament to her star power that it’s such a propulsive thriller.

8 Matt Damon – ‘The Informant!’

Matt Damon finds something in The Informant!
Image via Warner Bros.

Soderbergh and Matt Damon There are great long-term relationships that date back to their work on Ocean trilogy. Soderbergh seems able to push Damon out of his comfort zone more than most directors, and The Bourne Identity The actor certainly makes his jokes the funniest Whistleblower!

Damon plays Mike Whitacre, a middle-class employee in the Archer Daniels Midland office who is contacted by the FBI to become a confidential informant in an investigation into a price-fixing scandal. It’s Damon at his most mischievous and mischievous, showing off his knack for physical comedy.

7 Michael Douglas – ‘Behind the Candelabra’

Michael Douglas and Matt Damon speak face to face in 'Behind the Candelabra'
Image via HBO

Behind the Candelabra is the kind of award-winning season romance that would have swept Academy Award nominations if it had been released in theaters; Since Soderbergh released it directly to HBO, it had to settle for a Primetime Emmy Award sweep instead. However, Michael Douglas‘The performance of Liberace is a powerful performance tour that captures all the flamboyant of the music legend.

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Soderbergh is known for his respect when dealing with intimate moments, and love scenes between Douglas and his co-stars. Matt Damon is quite effective in communicating their mutual affection for each other.

6 Rooney Mara – ‘Side Effects’


Side effect It was Soderbergh’s last film before retiring from film, which he would end abruptly four years later after creating two seasons of. Odd. Side effect is one of the most unusual projects in his filmography; Soderbergh uses the setting of a romantic murder mystery thriller to explore the systemic breakdown of the health system and the unfair process behind misdiagnosis.

Rooney Mara Make a great “deer in the headlights” performance as the husband of a recently released prisoner (Channing Tatum) who participated in the illegal drug scandal.

5 Riley Keough – ‘Logan Lucky’

Logan Lucky' (2017)

Good luck Logan It’s Soderbergh’s first film of the “post-retirement” period, and it just has to be the funniest project he’s ever done. billed as “Ocean 7-11,” this South Pole heist comedy follows the Logan brothers Jimmy (Channing Tatum), Clyde (Adam the driver), and Millie (Riley Keough) as they try to pull off the rampage at the Texas Motor Speedway.

While the three actors work together beautifully to portray the conflicted, yet loving siblings, it is Keough who proves that Millie is the brains of the family and the one they should always listen to.

4 Terrence Stamps – ‘The Limey’

the-limey-terence-stamp outstanding

Soderbergh gave his interpretation of the classic thriller Point blank By adopting the same surrealist, hypnotic style for his revenge films Lim. Stamp Terence The star is a mysterious British man who travels to Los Angeles after his beloved daughter is mysteriously killed in what authorities officially refer to as an “accident.”

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Although Stamp was already an elder statesman at the time Limproduction of, it does not make him less interesting as an action star. Stamps do the best Liam Neeson Impressed in what must be the artsiest version of shoot used to do

3 Benicio Del Toro – ‘Traffic’

Benicio Del Toro and Jacob Vargas in 'Traffic'.
Image via AllStar/USA Films

Let Soderbergh win the Academy Award for Best Director on the same night he was also nominated in the same category for another film. While Traffic It is argued that the two films of Soderbergh were released in 2000 less, he received the honor of Oscar with. Benicio del Toro, Who won the best supporting actor award.

Traffic Tells three connected stories based on illegal drug trade across the border between the United States and Mexico. Del Toro stars in the best-of-three narrative as detective Javier Rodriguez Rodríguez.

2 George Clooney – ‘Ocean’s Eleven’

A crew of criminals stand together as they plan a casino heist in 'Ocean's Eleven'.
Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

Despite its status as the most famous project that the “Rat Pack” ever performed together, the original Ocean’s Eleven Actually not a very good movie. It is a cheap caper that coaster out of the charisma of its star, which is not the way that Soderbergh took with his 2001 performance.

Although he can match Frank Sinatralove of, George Clooney Makes a deep impression as recently convicted thief Danny Ocean, who plans an ambitious casino heist to win over his ex-wife Tess (Julia Roberts).

1 Julia Roberts – ‘Erin Brockovich’

A woman sits at her desk

At the same ceremony that both Soderbergh and del Toro won the Oscar for TrafficJulia Roberts took her own home for her now iconic performance as a famous single mother turned lawyer Erin Brokovich.

It remains the defining performance of her career, and is one of the defining reasons why Roberts popped up as a star in the first place. She is deeply passionate about providing help to those in need (especially if it comes at the expense of a wealthy, corrupt corporation), but she doesn’t deal with anyone’s nonsense.

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