10 Best Manga Characters for Anime

Anime has been home to some of the best manga adaptations. The dynamic and colorful panels of manga translate well to the screen, especially when the medium is animation.

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With the recent return of the Spider-Verse and its multi-spider-people, now is the perfect opportunity to discuss the modern history of such adaptations. In television or film, these superpowered heroes and villains introduce or revive their legacy without a real-life story.

10 teen titans

Image of Teen Titans in Trouble in Tokyo

The vigilante team first appeared in 1964, but has attracted many new and younger fans thanks to its animated adaptation.first of all teen titanswhich debuted on Cartoon Network in 2003 and became so popular that it spawned the equally successful Teen Titans strike! The latter also pulled off the impressive feat of taking an adventure on the big screen Teen Titans strike!Go to the cinema.

Both series cemented these B-grade comic book characters into DC’s A-grade heroes. For many, it was an entry point into the world of comic book culture, a great example of expanding audiences through creative experimentation that has become a DC trademark. Characters like Beast Boy and Cyborg were beloved in these shows, and their later involvement in the comics will be heavily influenced by the designs and dynamics presented here.

9 point

Blob from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, a black figure with strong graphic lines surrounding a white blob
Image via Sony Animation

Until recently, the Blob was a blank slate in many Marvel minds, and until he made his film debut, it remained a deeply embedded part of the Spider-Man mythology. Traveling Through the Spider-Man Universe. Dr. Johnathon Ohnn first appeared in 1984 as a worthy antagonist to Daredevil and Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. In the creative hands of Sony Animation, however, he has gone from unexpected origin to a menacing force.


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Visually, Spot’s movements and artistic rhythms captivate audiences around the world. His darker complexion and increased abilities made him a formidable foe for Miles Morales. Blob’s ego is on full display in the animation, echoing the depressed alter ego that all Spider-Man struggles with throughout the film.

8 clown

batman vs joker
Image via Warner Bros. Animation

1992, mark hamill He once again cemented his place in nerd history when he took on the role of the “Prince of Crime” in The Clown of Crime. Batman: The Animated Series. The character would help define the show’s legacy, considered one of the best animated series ever adapted from the manga. Hamill, who has voiced the Joker in numerous projects, only recently hung up the purple coat in honor of the passing of his voice rival Kevin Conroy.

The range that the Joker can be portrayed in animation makes him as popular as one of his explosive gadgets. In animation, the distance between hysteria and dread is more manageable, as the medium seeks its own fun, without the need for a serious tone.

7 peggy carter

Captain Peggy Carter in What If
Image via Marvel Studios

Agent Peggy Carter is a supporting character who gets an unexpected reprieve when she takes up the shield in the first animated series of the Marvel Universe, what if…?. Asked to think about a universe where Peggy took the super-soldier serum, she became Captain Carter, fought on the front lines of World War II, and later joined the other Guardians of the multiverse to save every known world.

In an article –End Game As the landscape develops, the visual language of the Marvel Cinematic Universe begins to feel stale, especially when it comes to action choreography. This brings a refreshing change of pace to Captain Carter, giving her a unique style and combat agility. There is a voluntary force embedded in this variant that is not seen in many live-action heroines.

6 Wolverine

x-men animated series
Image via Marvel Entertainment Group

the antithesis of marvel Batman: The Animated Series, X-Men: The Animated Series Laying the groundwork for the comic book that will dominate popular culture in the 21st century. The Wolverine was already a household name before the 2000 film’s release, and quickly became a fan favorite beyond comic book lovers.

Logan’s resilience has always been felt, but in the anime you get a better sense of his purpose in Team X-Men. He is the true protector of fellow mutants, always ready to defend with his enchanting powers. He always takes things seriously, which pushes the narrative forward and makes this show a compelling one.

5 doctor strange

benedict cumberbatch-evil-doctor strange-what-if
Image via Marvel Studios

Arguably, the best Doctor Strange stories in the MCU are found in animation.episode four what if…? Explores the reality of Stephen Strange losing the love of his life, Dr. Christina Palmer, which fuels his madness until his entire universe collapses in despair and regret.


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Considered by many to be the show’s highlight, the episode uses an animation style that perfectly captures Doctor Strange’s mystical attributes, from powerful spells to captivating scenes, in a 30-minute running time that’s faster than his two solo films. defines the role more effectively. The power of a story is found when its external design reflects the inner struggles of its characters.

4 invincible

Invincible Season 1 Finale Topic
Image via Prime Video

In addition to Marvel and DC, there are many comic publications: one of them, Image Comics, will debut invincible In 2003, it was adapted into a TV series of the same name. The 2021 episode follows Mark Grayson as he finds his heroic role in the shadow of his superpowered father, The Mighty.

Designing for adults is quite possibly its greatest strength, as gore and tortuous violence can be subtly conveyed through a medium that doesn’t require reality. In a live-action movie, many of the shocking moments would be distracting because of how disgusting and uncanny the visuals are, but that’s not an issue in animation, where over-representation is appreciated if done with care.

3 batman

batman animated series
Image via Warner Bros.

The caped crusader has had a string of iconic performances throughout his long history, one of the best being Kevin Conroy exist Batman: The Animated Series. Although brief in the early 1990s, its two-season run and appearances in numerous films convinced many that Conroy was the definitive version of the character.

Conroy conveys a steady severity in his hands (or rather voice) that feels consistent throughout, including his believable balance of Batman and Bruce Wayne.In the anime, the character maintains a picturesque mystique throughout, and the world of Gotham and the haunting gallery of thieves never jumps the shark, as in Joel Schumacherdualism.

2 Spider-Man and Spider Society

Miles Morales, Peter B. Parker and Gwen Stacy stand together in costume.
Image via Sony

It’s hard not to talk about the collective brilliance of Spider-Man and the Spider-Society.they are the biggest attraction spiderman universe Trilogy: Writers and artists juggle infinite versions of web-throwers while preserving the soul of their characters. The standouts in the movie are Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy and Peter B. Parker.


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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is one of the most innovative feats of animation since Toy Story, each character has a unique style, movement and visual language. As for Miles, he’s as good, if not better, than many iterations of Peter Parker, thanks to his youthful quest for autonomy and passion for community.

1 harley quinn

Harley Quinn DC Universe Harley and her hammer
Image via Max

Not surprisingly, the number one manga character should be the one that debuted in the anime.Harley Quinn (Harley Quinn) in Batman: The Animated Series.From the moment she was born, she was an instant icon, launching several comics at DC, making her way into live action, and even starring in her own animated series Kaley Cuoco.

Harley Quinn is the epitome of fun, putting the “ha” over the “hurt.” She’s a promising supporting character, always asking for more narrative attention.while at the same time Margot Robbie Having done her justice, the animation was the Harley home. Her frivolity is liberating, as portrayed in a medium where weirdness is the norm. Harley Quinn is the ultimate success story of manga animation.

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