10 Best East Asian Romance Movies to Watch After A24’s Past and Present

Regardless of the narrative, a well-made romantic movie will usually leave the audience spellbound. While films in the genre have become globally famous, attracting audiences from all over the world, other films, often in non-English languages, have not received the love they deserve.

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Impressive Asian-American feature film debut previous lifedirected by the talented Celine Song, is one of the most acclaimed romance movies of the year, with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 97%.To celebrate its well-deserved critical acclaim and endless acclaim from general audiences, here are some of the most engrossing Asian romances to watch next, from my savage girl arrive Golden years.

10 My Sassy Girl (2001)

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in cute my savage girldirected by Guo Zaiyingwhich introduced the audience to the love story between Kyun-woo (Cha Tae Hyun) and an unknown girl (Jeon Ji Hyun), he pulled her back when he saw her standing too close to the tracks at a Seoul subway station.

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The movie is based on a series of true stories Kim Ho Sik Describe his relationship with his girlfriend online. A wholesome watch from start to finish – especially for those who love rom-coms – my savage girl Definitely an interesting romantic feature of Korea that deserves your attention.

9 “Blue” (2002)

Image from Omega Micott

breathtaking blue Set in a small town in Japan, it depicts an introverted girl (Mikako Ichikawa) unexpectedly began to develop a strong attraction to one of her classmates (Manami Konishi), she ends up in a relationship with him.

In addition to the wonderful dialogue between the two protagonists, blue Rely on three-dimensional, well-written characters. A beautifully shot, artsy film that blends the romance and coming-of-age genres to excellent effect, Hiroshi AndoA touching story that will not leave any viewer indifferent.

8 “20th Century Girl” (2022)

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Apart from previous life, Fang YouliThis incredible romantic drama is one of the most memorable in recent years. The story tells of a girl (Kim Yoo Jung) After paying close attention to her best friend for a while, she falls in love with him.

Although it may seem easy and cheerful at first, 20th century girl In fact, it’s an incredibly heartbreaking and meaningful film as it sheds light on friendship, young love, and the struggles of teens in general. While the play is highly entertaining, it also brings a lovely and warm love story to the audience.

7 The Millennium Mambo (2001)

Shu Qi
Image via Palm Pictures

Millennium Mambo Follow the young and lovely Vicky (Shu Qi), the voice outside the camera, she looks back on her love affair with Haohao (Duan Junhao) and Jack (high jack) in a glamorous nightclub in Taipei.

directed by HouXiao Xian, this beautiful character study of anxiety is a compelling watch. While the characters in the film may not be the most resonant, the 2001 production left an unforgettable impression on the screen with its poetic and deeply moving narrative as well as its excellent performances (especially Shu Qi’s performance). Time to believe.

6 “2046” (2004)

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like many fantasy movies Wong Kar Wai, 2046 is a thoroughly enjoyable masterpiece and sequel to one of his favorite films, Golden years. This riveting sci-fi love story follows author Chow Mo-wan (Tony Leung) returns to Hong Kong to write a book after losing the woman he considers his true love.

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Visually alluring and articulately directed, this magnificent artistic tale of grief, lost love, and cherished memories will immerse audiences, especially those who have seen the predecessor, in its stylish cinematography and riveting storytelling. no doubt, 2046 is a moody, enthralling film.

5 “Fallen Angel” (1995)

fallen angel
Image via Fallen Angel

Kar Wai’s comedic crime drama set in Hong Kong follows the ins and outs of a cold-blooded killer (dawn) and his girlfriend in a dangerous job. However, what Wang Zhiming didn’t know was that his female manager just fell in love with him.

although fallen angel It’s not a romance movie, so it might not appeal to some viewers, and it offers viewers a memorable bond between the two leads through its blend of action and romance. Like many of the director’s films, this 1995 film is visually arresting and deeply moving, exploring themes of human loss and loneliness.

4 Chungking Forest (1994)

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funny enough fallen angel actually written as a third story Chongqing Forest. While both take place in the same universe, the latter centers on two cops (Takeshi Kaneshiro and Tony Leung) fell in love with two very different women (Lin Qingxia and Faye Wong). One is a charismatic underworld figure; the other is a local lunch counter he frequents, with a beautiful waitress.

Regarded as one of the best films of the 1990s (and the ultimate breakup movie), this melancholic and hypnotic chronicle of love and emotion is a marvelous shot of sight and soul as it provides viewers with an evocative Stunning visuals and a simple but meaningful storyline and performances certainly stand out.

3 The Handmaid (2016)

Kim Tae-ri as Sook-hee and Kim Min-hee as Mrs. Soo-ja in
Picture from CJ Entertainment

The critically acclaimed 2016 film follows an orphaned pickpocket (Kim Tae Ri) and a liar (Ha Jung Woo) they orchestrated a plan to seduce and rob a Japanese woman (Kim Min Hee). However, things get complicated when real affection develops between the two.

Inspired by the 2002 novel Fingersmith SarahWaters, maidis a fascinating Park Chan Wook The film beautifully blends the mystery and thriller genres with forbidden lesbian romance. In addition to an engaging and captivating storyline, maid Exploring poignant themes of femininity and sexual depravity, crafting a thought-provoking, emotional story that will captivate audiences.

2 Bright Summer Days (1991)

Couple of teenage boy and teenage girl sitting under a tree on a sunny summer day
Image via Cine Qua Non

Epic teen crime drama given its heavy themes bright summer Probably not for everyone. Based on a true story, the film tells the story of a conflict between two youth gangs. Set in Taipei, Taiwan in the 1960s, Edward YangThis haunting film follows the lives of a young boy and his girlfriend, whose fate is changed by a violent climax.

This deeply intimate and lengthy (yet worth every minute) portrait of youth and violence reflects on identity and change, while providing viewers with a real and sometimes heartbreaking coming-of-age story. besides, bright summer Also an interesting take on young love.

1 “In the Mood for Love” (2000)

Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung in
Image via Universal Pictures

Also set in 1962, Kar Wai’s controversial masterpiece introduces audiences to author Chow Mo-wan. The film tells the story of Tony Leung’s character moving into a Hong Kong apartment with his wife. As she often goes out for work, he eventually meets the beautiful Su Lizhen (Maggie Cheung), a married woman whose husband is always absent.

Using stunning cinematography to paint an intense and passionate story of love, lust and longing, Golden years Possibly one of the best films ever made in this genre; the kind of melancholic yet passionate love movie that takes the audience’s breath away. More importantly, it has top-notch performance.

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